Pinterest’s Best Halloween Nail Designs

Halloween is just around the corner and if dressing up in ghoulish costumes isn’t your thing, try something a little less in your face and more on your fingers. We spent hours lurking on Pinterest to find the best Halloween nail designs that will shake up the ghostly holiday with fashionable designs. Here's what we dug up!
  • Photo courtesy of Kayla Shevonne

    Halloween Dotted Nail Art

    These adorable dots from Kayla Shevonne are perfect if you don't want to rock creepy nails or scare away the kids when you're doling out candy. 

  • Photo courtesy of Hannah Rox It

    Candy Corn Nails

    What's Halloween without candy corn? If you're not a fan of the candy itself you can at least wear it on your fingers. We love this candy corn design by Hannah Rox It

  • Photo courtesy of Heather from DIzzyNails

    Glow-in-the-Dark Crackle Polish Nail Design

    Check out these glow-in-the-dark crackle nails dubbed "It's Alive" by Lauren of DizzyNails. They're sure to create a scene when the lights go out! 

  • Photo courtesy of Nails by Carol

    Silver Spiderweb Nail Art

    Stick with an easy nail art idea by using nail stamps. These silver spiderwebs created by Nails by Carol are a great look for Halloween. 

  • Photo courtesy of Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons

    Cemetery-Inspired Nail Art

    These tombstone-inspired nails by Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons are great for giving off the creepy vibe without actually spending time in a foggy graveyard. 

  • Photo courtesy of Heather from I Feel Polished

    Googly Eye Nail Art

    These ghostly creations from Heather of I Feel Polished take your black nail polish to another level of creepy—you never know who's watching in the dark! 

  • Photo courtesy of Hannah Rox It

    Day of the Dead Nail Design

    If you're not all about goblins and ghouls, try more lively (pun intended) nail art. We love this Day of the Dead nail design by Hannah Rox It. Not only can you use it during the Halloween season, but you also can rock it during Mardi Gras. 

  • Photo courtesy of Sammy from The Nailasaurus

    Bloody Drips Nail Art

    It's time to get your gory on with these fashion-inspired drip nails from Sammy of The Nailasaurus. If the blood-red nail color makes you woozy, opt for a solid black or eerie green. 

  • Photo courtesy of Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons

    Shimmering Water Marble Nails

    Try these shimmering water marble nails from Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons. This nail design is a great way to incorporate the coveted Halloween colors—orange and black—and give your nails a little shine with silver glitter polish. 

  • Photo courtesy of Anutka of WackyLaki

    Haunted House Nail Art

    I won't be asking my neighbors for any treats if they live in these glow-in-the-dark Halloween houses from Anutka with WackyLaki. The black-on-black nails are great for those who want to take a closer look—when you turn out the lights, the effect is even scarier with the eerie green glow. 

  • Photo courtesy of Marie Le Borgne

    Bloody Nail Design

    What's Halloween with out a little blood? These blood-red talons—dubbed Bloody Nails by Marie Le Borgne with Glitter and Nails—translate well from day to night this Halloween.

  • Photo courtesy of Spektor's Nails

    Halloween Water Marble

    These orange, purple, and black striped nails from Judith with Spektor's Nails blend Halloween and fashion in one fell swoop. 

  • Photo courtesy of Hannah Rox It

    French Spiderweb Nail Art

    Take your classic french manicure for a new spin with a spiderweb nail design. We're crushing on this French spiderweb from Hannah Rox It

  • Photo courtesy of Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons

    Mix-and-Match Nail Designs

    An on-trend nail look this year has been to don mismatched nails. What better way than to do that for Halloween with these witch-inspired designs from Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons

  • Photo courtesy of Sammy from The Nailasaurus

    Goosebumps Nail Art

    Do you remember those creepy books by R.L. Stine? Even creepier than the stories were the dripping letters on the covers. Taking a cue from the book design, Sammy from The Nailasaurus created black and slime green drip nails. 

  • Photo courtesy of Lauren from DizzyNails

    Glittery Halloween Nails

    If you're one for sparkle and shine, check out these more-sexy-than-spooky nails by Lauren of DizzyNails, which she named Halloween High.

  • Photo courtesy of Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons

    Colorful Ghost Nail Art

    While white is the classic ghost color, these colorful nail designs from Maiya Becker of Tarts N Talons feature ghosts in other seasonal colors—and remind us of Pac-Man! 

  • Photo courtesy of Hannah Rox It

    Frankenstein Nails

    Take a character from your favorite scary movie to inspire your polish this season. This Frankenstein nail design by Hannah Rox It takes the classic monster for a new spin. 

  • Photo courtesy of Ashley of

    Candy Corn Ombre

    If you want to try a different approach to candy corn this Halloween, these dotted ombre nails from Ashley of are the perfect way to do it! 

  • Photo courtesy of Sammy from The Nailasaurus

    Skeleton in the Closet

    If you can't decide which nail design is for you, try a little bit of them all. This Halloween bundle from Sammy of The Nailasauraus uses nail stamps and a freehand skeleton to create a mixed set of spooky favorites! 


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