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"Real Housewives" Dr. Niccole on Nose Jobs

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Have you ever wondered if having plastic surgery for a small tweak is worth it? I am among those people thinking a rhinoplasty may not be worth it to fix the five percent of my nose I am dissatisfied with. What's more, I don't want to make my face look odd and am curious if I could do something else. I e-mailed Dr. Michael Niccole of Orange County's Cosmeticare with my question. TV fans out there may be familiar with his Real Housewives cameo this season working on Alexis Bellino's nose or his daytime appearances on shows like The Doctors.

Hi, Dr. Niccole! I have thought about doing my nose for quite some time, perhaps this year. It isn't very big, but I dislike how rounded it is in one spot, wanting it to be more sculpted, and how it looks bigger when i am facing the front because my face is so small. However, I have met many people in person and am surprised at how strange they look in real life when they photograph so well. What can I do to ensure if I had plastic surgery of any kind that it would look good in person and in photos? Also, should I have a rhinoplasty or do you think I should skip it for something else that may make my smaller issue less noticeable?

"If you want to look the same in person as you do in photos, make sure you go to a qualified doctor. Anyone can claim to do a nose job, but only a board certified plastic surgeon will be able to get you the results you want. You have to do your research first. If you want to try non-invasive procedures before committing to a nose job, you can try stem-cell fat transfer to the nose/cheek area or by using synthetic fillers. If you have a large tip or large bump on your nose, the only way to fix those types of problem areas are with surgery."


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