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Skincare can be tricky territory. We help you navigate with detailed articles on how to avoid skincare mistakes, recipes for DIY skincare and our top picks for natural skincare. We even answer the questions you're too afraid to ask. Hair removal? Sunless tanner? We give you the facts, product reviews and complete low-down.

| 3 hours ago
Microbeads are making a hasty exit from the beauty scene. After it was confirmed that the pesky plastic beads were causing more harm than good for the environment, the government stepped in and made sure they can no longer be manufactured... more
| 4 hours ago
Trendy ultra-matte liquid lipsticks and sharp-lined pouts don't have a chance if you've got dry, chapped, flaking lips. Don't worry that you're alone—we're all struggling. When winter winds begin to blow, the air... more
| 2 days ago
These anti-aging kits will help counteract any fine lines you might have acquired while practicing "Blue Steel."
| 1 week ago
Walking around with a painful red blister from a curling iron is far from ideal, and there are things you should do right away to prevent scarring.
| 3 weeks ago
Microbeads have been the exfoliator of choice for women everywhere ... until now. For years, environmentalist groups like Beat the Microbead fought for legislation that would ban microbeads, and the U.S. government finally stepped in. On... more
| 3 weeks ago
Essential oils are more than trendy right now. From homemade body scrubs to other easy DIY solutions, there are certain healthy oils that save your skin and improve the overall health of your body when you ingest them. Kill two birds with... more
| 1 month ago
Give your skin some moisture with this easy and beneficial oatmeal face mask made with three simple ingredients. Skip the expensive skincare when products with great benefits are sitting in the refrigerator.
| 2 months ago
Commercial acne treatments can dry the skin and make breakouts worse. Here are some natural acne treatments that will clear your blemishes and leave your skin softer and smoother than ever before.
| 2 months ago
It's no question that winter takes a toll on your skin. If you want to keep your skin looking great and hydrated even amid flurries and chills, here are four of our best winter skincare tips.
| 2 months ago
Vlogger Jaclyn Hill just released her Skincare 2015 video and she's finally ready to dish out her skincare secrets. Beat the winter beauty blues while improving the look and feel of your skin with these skin-saving tips and products.
| 3 months ago
If you're interested in improving your looks via cosmetic surgery but haven't taken the plunge because you think it will cost too much, you may be surprised at how affordable some procedures can be when you utilize these seven tips...
| 3 months ago
Fall brings cooler, drier weather, which can often bring drier, thirstier skin. Coming off a sun and fun-filled summer, you likely have a little sun damage too. It's time to update your skincare routine for fall, and... more
| 4 months ago
If your skin has been looking dull and lifeless, it's time to brighten it up. Give one of these at-home products a try, and get luminous skin in no time.
| 4 months ago
Age is just a number, and youthful-looking skin is in. Now is the time to protect your skin, get rid of wrinkles, and subtract years from your appearance. Don't wait to get healthy skin!
| 4 months ago
Caring for your skin isn't always easy. Here are 10 skincare tips to incorporate into your beauty routine now. Trust me, your skin will thank you for it!
| 5 months ago
Watching Food Network while busting out 30 minutes on the treadmill seems logical—why shouldn't your daily beauty routine be as fruitful? Enter the latest way to get flawless skin, beauty-editor style: multimasking. No, it doesn... more

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