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20 Homemade, Non-Toxic Nail Polish Shades

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By Lo Lankford, Care2 Healthy Living

Nail polish is all the rage these days. Not that painting one's nails is some new form of cool (I still remember thinking my mom's nails were permanently red in the '90s) but the trend has, in the last couple of years, really blown up in a new way. Now we have not only the regular 'ol manicure and acrylic nail tips, but the uber-popular gel nails, which promise to last two weeks. Tons of options for personalization and custom designs have sprouted and nails have even made their own unique splashes at Fashion Week in NYC.

As I checked out nail salons in my new LA neighborhood last week, I began to wonder about homemade nail polishes. I typically buy everything that I can handmade, but hadn't even thought about looking into mom & pop polish makers. To my excitement, there are plenty out there on the web! These awesome shops create 100% hand-mixed lacquers that are free of toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. Try finding that at your local salon! No store-bought franken-mixing means that homemade polishes will contain less chemicals and will typically dry faster than most salon nail polishes. You're also gonna get way more bang for your buck, as most handmade polishes last longer and come in bigger bottles. Interested? Check out my roundup of awesome polishes in a variety of colors (note: there's a lot of glitter involved... the internet loves sparkle, it seems!). Each polish comes from a different shop, so be sure to click the shop names to see what else you can find. Enjoy!

Goblins Grave by Gloss 'N Sparkle (above).



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