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Acne? Almost No Problem Now!

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Acne is one of the most frequent skin diseases, especially among adolescents and sometimes also adult people. Acne can occur all over the face, and sometimes even the back or arms. Everybody encounters acne, at least one little pimple (black spot or white, it does not matter). If you want to have your skin clear without pimples, follow these suggestions:

Cleaning: clean your face every day, twice. If your face is too oily, you can wash it three times. In the morning, use just water. First wash your face with warm water to open your pores. Warm water can better get the grease out of your face. Then immediately use cold water to close your pores. If you need your makeup, use something tolerant to your skin. It is important to have the right cosmetics. The next important cleaning is in the evening. It is even more necessary for your face than morning cleaning. You can use some preparation intended directly for problematic skin. The best are preparations with peeling. They removes dead pieces of skin. If your skin is clear, you can repeat the procedure with hot/cold water.

General advice: Every face needs vitamins and face support. The best way to achieve your perfect and healthy skin is to use some face packs. You can buy some in a drug store but it’s better to prepare some just at home. And if you are too lazy to prepare face pack, go and cook chamomile tea and smear your face with this tea. Oily skin will get dry. 

Face packs made at home: The best face pack ever is whey mask. Buy a whey and prepare it with water. This will assure you absolutely smooth, soft, and tense skin. Whey contains many vitamins. If you do not have a whey mask, just try face pack made from egg whites and lemon. Or you can put some cucumbers on your face. You can experiment with a variety of stuff, also with honey. Your face needs vitamins, as does your body. Do not be lazy because your face is the first thing everybody sees.

What to do with pimples? If you have any pimple on your face, try toothpaste and smear the certain place with paste and it assures you very fast sanitation. Because toothpaste dries out. But it is really better apply during the night and if you are alone. Because your partner can get scared from your white dots over your face.

And last tip: eat healthy, drink a lot of water, avoid fat and sweet meals, play sports and go out for fresh air every day. That all shows itself on your face. But it needs some time, patience, tenacity, and continuous everyday care.


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