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Acne Solutions That Don't Cost a Penny

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So what are these everyday factors? Well, I'm so glad you asked.

Dirty Makeup Brushes

It sounds gross but many of us who use different makeup brushes throughout our morning routine rarely clean them frequently enough to cut down on the acne-causing bacteria that they can store.

And while I have definitely been guilty of this throughout the years, it is one factor that is probably causing more acne outbreaks than you realize.

After all, think about how many times you use your makeup brushes throughout the month, and if you aren't properly cleaning them, that oil and dirt just sits there building up more bacteria.

A simple solution to this is to grab some dishwashing soap and give your brushes a good cleaning. Dishwashing soap is quite effective for cleaning brushes as it's inexpensive, you usually have it around the house, and it's antibacterial which means it will strip away any dirt festering in your brushes.

It's a cheap and easy acne solution that will cut down your chances of spreading pore-clogging bacteria onto your face each morning.


How often do you clean your phone?

If you are like me, then chances are your answer is never.

And while it is quite common for us to not clean our phones, it is one device we use many times throughout the day.

We touch our skin with it, keep it in our bag with other products, and allow it to build up serious amounts of oil, dirt, and bacteria before transferring that bacteria back onto our skin.

And if you have oily or sensitive skin and get pimples on your cheeks, chin, or close to your ears, your phone could be the reason why.

A quick and easy fix would be to get a paper towel or tissue, dampen it with an antibacterial spray and gently clean the front and back of your phone. Be sure your paper towel isn't too wet as you don't want to damage your phone, you just want to get rid of the bacteria.

If you clean your phone a few times a month, you should notice breakouts in those areas subsiding.

Your Hands

Simply put, this is your new mantra: I will not touch my face throughout the day.

If you are prone to acne breakouts, you may want to start taking notice of how many times throughout the day you touch your face.

You see, our hands naturally have oil on them and when we touch things throughout our day and then touch our faces, we are adding more dirt and bacteria to our skin than necessary.

And if you aren't much of a hand washer, well, you are only further increasing your chances of a breakout by directly clogging your pores with dirt and bacteria found on the many surfaces you touch throughout a normal day.

Simple solution: stop touching your face. End of story.

These tips may seem simple and basic but each one of us is guilty of at least one of them, and if you are looking for an easy way to lower your chances of a breakout, start incorporating these new habits into your routine.

The best part is, they don't cost you any money!

Now that's my kind of acne treatment.


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