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A Natural Anti-Acne Solution Straight From The Kitchen

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You what is not fun? Breakouts. Whether they are caused by hormones, humidity, lifestyle choices, or just plain bad timing, we would all rather avoid them.

Of course, it's always best to battle these breakouts by preventing them in the first place, but sometimes our skin just doesn't do what we would like it to do.

So how can a girl keep her face clean, and pimple free?

Simple. By applying food to your face.

Yes, you heard me. I want you to play with your food…on your face.

The Lemon Tomato Mask

This mask is not only incredibly easy to make but it's chocked full of zit-zapping nutrients.

For starters, the citric acid found in both the lemon and tomato, in addition to the tomato's lycopene levels, help to rid your skin of the dead cells and other pore-clogging junk that can lead to breakouts.

With that being said, I do have one word of caution.

Lemon juice naturally makes your skin more sensitive to light, so it may be best to do this mask at night, that way you won't run the risk of burning your skin if you go outside too soon after washing this mask off.

So how do you make this bad boy?

Well, just grab yourself:

1 teaspoon of rolled oats
1 small tomato
1 teaspoon of lemon juice

Once you have all your ingredients, in a food processor blend up your oats until they form a powder. Then add the tomato, lemon juice, and blend until smooth.

Starting with a clean face, massage the mask into your skin and allow it sit and soak in for up to 15 minutes max before washing off with a warm washcloth.

And there you have it, a simple and natural acne solution that is not only cheap, but is easy to make and takes about 20 minutes from start to finish. Now that's my kind of face mask!


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