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Causes and Treatment for Sensitive Skin

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A skin is termed as sensitive if it is fine-textured and thin. Skin reacts promptly to cold and heat conditions, thereby causing windburn and sunburn. Sensitive skin is usually delicate, prone to allergies, and dry.

A change in temperature, frequent use of detergents and soaps, exposure to harmful agents, alcohol in cosmetics, excessive bathing, and heat will cause irritation, thus leaving your skin blotchy and red.

Many people have sensitive skin. Sensitive skin may cause sudden blushing, growth of hives, and certain spots causing itchiness or irritability.

Sensitive skin at times may turn painful. However, appropriate and timely treatment helps in overcoming various skin problems. As the causes for sensitive skin vary, so does the treatment.

Symptoms for sensitive skin are subtle and elusive. Certain signs such as prickling or tightening indicate that your skin is sensitive. 

Take a Skin Test
Below mentioned conditions will help you to find if your skin is sensitive or not: 

  1. Your skin is prone to various skin allergies.
  2. For men, you face severe reactions causing inflammation and redness while you shave.
  3. People often tell you that your skin and face turns dark red while you are depressed and stressed.
  4. You always suffer from red, dry, or chapped skin, but are not able to find the cause. 

If your response is positive to any of the above-mentioned conditions, your skin is definitely sensitive in some or the other way.

Some people from their birth suffer from itching or blushing. Suppose you get freckles or sunburn because of the Ultraviolet (UV) rays, then your skin is sensitive due to genetic factors. If you are allergic to latex or gloves, then also your genes have to be blamed for your sensitive skin.

Certain food items also lead to various skin ailments. However, some people may not suffer at all, but some may face severe allergies if they eat the same foodstuffs.

In addition, changing certain skin care medications and products can induce severe allergic reactions. To avoid allergic reaction from external factors, it is important that you monitor and possibly avoid things that make your skin prone to sensitivity.

If you are suffering from sensitive skin since birth, you need to accept this condition and accordingly find a way for managing it. Suppose your skin is allergic to sun, then you may avoid exposing yourself to the sun or else use a sunscreen lotion before moving out in the sun.

A change in your present lifestyle, such as avoiding unhealthy foods or inappropriate skincare products, will help in overcoming problems associated with sensitive skin. You can even use the right moisturizer which uses natural and organic components. Avoid products with potential allergens including para aminobenzoic acid (PABA) or artificial fragrance.

Moreover, you may use baby soaps for washing your face. Opt for perfumes or makeup stuffs prepared from natural ingredients. You may even apply herbal creams, gels, or lotions that make use of essential oils on your sensitive skin.


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