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The Changing Face of Plastic Surgery

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The plastic surgeons are now getting requests for vaginoplasty (a procedure to surgically tighten a vagina stretched by childbirth or aging) that may improve sexual response.  However, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) questions the medical validity and safety of female genital cosmetic surgery. This trend is said to be a result of the hype created by Internet pornography and advertising by surgeons that may make a woman pursue an impossible ideal of physical perfection. Often, the surgeon may not explain the risks such as infections, scarring, pain and the loss of the very sensations.

The Surgeon at the Helm

The desire to look younger, more perfect or have a desirable vulva may make women to go for the procedure even when told of potential complications, like insensitivity of the clitoris. According to American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), genital appearance may not drive the sexual response. Rather, it’s the psychological factors that drive it. A Los Angeles plastic surgeon performing such procedures may charge anywhere from $2500 to $12000. Moreover, these costs may not be covered by insurance. It’s not that corrective gynecological surgery is a new procedure. It has been available for decades and has included procedures to alleviate incontinence or sagging of the vaginal canal after childbirth.

With time, surgeons began offering procedures to improve aesthetics, self-esteem and confidence associated with nose jobs or other plastic surgeries. Other procedures may include creating a new hymen for revirgination and G-spot amplification. This may involve injecting the area in the front wall of the vagina with collagen or another filler to enhance sexual gratification. Many patients who come for such procedures may have been influenced by images of the waxed, buffed or surgically altered genitals of porn actresses. Surgery to improve a person's overall appearance in public, like a nose job or face-lift may have some social advantage. But, altering one's genitals may not be that beneficial.

Breast Augmentation: The Age-Old Procedure

Many people may suffer from Body Dymorphic Disorder (BDD) where they have the urge to diet, exercise and surgically improve their bodies due to extreme disatisfaction with their appearance. This has made plastic surgery a popular trend with breast augmentation being the second most popular procedure next only to liposuction. Forbes considers cosmetic surgery to be dangerous as it may lead to Hematomas, infections, necrosis, or even death. Discovery Health, on the other hand, reports that even a 14-years ban of silicone implants could not curb these procedures as they are backed by popular demand. Many clinics may perform psychiatric and physical screenings for patients who want to undergo breast augmentation to ensure that they are both mentally and physically fit enough to do so.

A common concern in a breast augmentation is the inability to visualize the end result. It may be difficult for patients to decide which size and shape of implant will help them achieve their desired look. To make the process easy, surgeons are now offering a virtual simulation technology called the VECTRA 3D imaging system that allows women to view how their bodies will look post-augmentation. This state-of-the-art technology is believed to enhance each patient's breast augmentation experience. VECTRA 3D imaging system may help patients feel more comfortable throughout the entire breast augmentation procedural process as they may give insight into how different implant sizes may aesthetically enhance the body.


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