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Is a Facial Treatment Needed?

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A facial may increase your face value in the workplace, but if done improperly, this popular de-stressing option can also expose you to unnecessary risk, warns dermatologists.

It was not so long ago when facials were done only in the sterile confines of a dermatologist clinic or, for those who know, in the musty halls of the red light district. Not anymore.

Today, so-called skin clinics peddling all manner of skin treatments have sprouted up at almost every corner with hardly any dermatologists in sight. Even beauty salons have branched out to include facial treatments among their services, thanks to the white-hot competition in the workplace where clear and baby-smooth skin has become an edge.

A facial basically involves cleaning the face, extracting pesky blackheads and whiteheads, treating pimples, and closing the pores with a laser treatment. The cost can range depending on the brand of skin care products used as well as the extract frills that are offered, from a facial massage, a skin tightening mask, and antioxidants.

Just like a body massage, a foot spa, and body scrub, facials have become popular de-stressing options for most people who look forward to some pampering at the end of a hard days work.

The trend bodes well for skin and face clinics where facials are the most requested treatment, usually combined with an exfoliation session. A regular facial can go a long way in maintaining your face value in this highly competitive world. While frequency treatment defends on person’s skin type and particular needs, a monthly facial is usually good enough.

But do we really need a facial? Can’t good soap and water do anymore?

Apparently not, if skin clinics are to be believed, especially with pollution taking an extra toll on the skin.

“At the very least, a facial treatment cleans up impurities found on the screen, hydrates and soothes the skin, and enhances the absorption of skin care actives that may delay aging, lighten skin discoloration, or control acne breakouts.”

Not everybody, however, is happy about facials being within arm’s reach.

Dermatologists notes that facials are intended mainly to hasten the treatment of pimples, but they are not a requirement for treating acne.

“In fact, in the United States, they do not do a facial as it is time-consuming and you pay by the hour for the treatments there.” Facials can also lead to life threatening conditions like meningitis if not done properly.

They must go to a dermatologist for their needs, just to make sure they are really getting their money’s worth and are not exposing themselves to unnecessary risks.

“Facial centers are sprouting like bushes,” liken them to a convenience stores that you can just put up after you get the requirements from City Hall. Their facialist could vary from the slightly educated to those who are not educated at all. This is dangerous.”

A facial should be done by a dermatologist because if complications set in, they will know what to do. “Although deadly complications are rare, there is still that possibility.”


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