Finally, Lotion that Men Will Use Too!

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The search for the perfect lotion is officially over folks! Skin MD Natural is the ultimate lotion. In fact, it’s a formulated shielding lotion that actually protects your skin from irritants that dry it out in the first place. This allows your skin to repair itself naturally and to replenish its own moisture. Other lotions add unnatural moisturizers to your skin that causes two unwanted issues: number one—they’re greasy and slimy upon application and  number two—they trick your skin into thinking it’s moisturized, which actually dries it out more after all the greasiness disappears. This lotion soaks in so fast, you forget you have it on.

I shared my bottle of Skin MD Natural with several friends and we all agree that this lotion is awesome! I know many men who will not use lotions and moisturizers because they don’t like the way they feel and smell. I had a few men that I know who strongly object to putting products on their skin try it and they truly liked the product and the results! I am highly sensitive to smells and this lotion has a very faint aloe scent. A couple of my friends couldn’t even detect a scent at all. That’s a huge bonus by my standards!

Happy Searching/Shopping!

By Payton

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