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Get Better Skin in 3 Easy—and Free—Steps

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Use a Dedicated Face Towel
Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? But think about it—if the towel you use to dry your face is the same one you use to dry your hair or your body, you’re transferring oils from one place to another, increasing the chances that you’ll get clogged pores or irritated skin. Grab a hand towel and use it for your face only. We recommend using a plain white one so that you can see how much makeup and residue is left after washing. If the towel comes away with streaks of mascara or foundation, switch to a foamy makeup-removing cleanser.
Be Gentle
When you use your dedicated face towel after washing, gently blot your skin dry, don’t rake and rub it across your face. The loops of terrycloth towels can be rough and abrasive, especially to sensitive skin.
Wash With Tepid Water
Hot water can rob skin of beneficial oils that moisturize and protect against irritation. Heat can also trigger redness and cause increased inflammation. Stick to lukewarm water to gently dissolve makeup without stripping skin. 


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