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I Am A Sucker For A Foot Rub

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Some women indulge over chocolate, a bubble bath, food, or other pleasures. I readily admit to being a sucker for a foot rub. Ok, it may come as a surprise to some. I would turn down truffle chocolates, scented oils, or a favorite snack, just to feel a gooey hand rubbing lotion between my toes with a little massaging motion. I start out with clean feet and place them in a comfortable position in my loved ones’ lap. It is then I will lie back on a bed or couch and let his hands do their magic.

As I close my eyes and concentrate on the rubbing of my feet, I can take a deep breath, relax and let my mind go. Starting with my toes, he will rub the lotion over them and it sends chills up my back. In a few minutes he changes tactics by running his fingers along my instep and gently applying pressure. It is then, I let out a pleasurable groan and he smiles. I can’t help it because it feels so darn good! Normally, I am not a groaner unless I am in pain. I guess you could call me a pleasure seeker when it comes to my feet. Within a few moments I am so relaxed I could drift off to sleep. My loved one has told me at times, I snore lightly while he is rubbing my feet. Addiction is a bad thing, depending on what you call addictive, I would almost trade my soul for a delicious foot massage, done right. What I mean by having it done right, I mean an increase of pressure to different areas of my bare foot. In my opinion, it is my toes and the instep that are the most sensitive.

People with a love for massages are usually the ones that enjoy a back rub. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good old fashioned back massage as well. There are those that enjoy an all over body massage and it helps with blood circulation and relaxation. Personally, I just like my foot rub and the smell of perfumed lotion. I can’t figure it out if it is the slippery surface, or just the palm pressure from my loved ones’ hands that I enjoy the most. Let it be said, I also like the ankles being massaged as well. For the most part, I have to remember to shave my legs prior to my massage. Having stubbly legs can be a turn off, it also makes my experience and pleasure increase if my legs are clean shaven.

Having a foot rub can lead to a better bond between partners. Whether it is a physical, emotional bonding, or just fulfilling a need, we all have them and this really does it for me. After all, I am just a sucker for a foot rub.


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