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The Importance of Being Independent

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There’s a little thing that we like to call “Independence”. It’s all about making the right choice for yourself even if all those around you choose to follow the crowd. Take skin care for example. What if I told you that there’s a chance that the makeup you’re wearing or the hair care products you use contain formaldehyde, the same chemical used to preserve dead bodies and a product that has been banned in cosmetics due to its links with cancer.
And did you know parabens may cause Cancer?
Or how about mercury, the heavy metal that has been used as a preservative in some types of eye makeup which, in high doses, can cause serious problems with the nervous system. It’s unlikely these toxins are in your products if you bought them from a reputable high street store but the ever popular chemical sodium lauryl sulphate, which is a common eye irritant and causes skin irritation in many people, is present in many of the high street shampoos and bubble bath products.
Unbeknownst to many people, several of the leading high street moisturizers contain mineral oils, refined from crude oil and responsible for eczema, blackheads and spots in many people. With many thousands of other chemicals and ingredients available for use as cosmetics with some of these ingredients having questions over their safety, how do you know which products are safe?
When you use skin care products, up to 60% of the compound you apply is absorbed directly through your skin into your body and into your bloodstream and research shows that the average woman applies almost two hundred chemicals to her skin each day through these skin care products. It’s essential that you know that the ingredients you are choosing to absorb are safe and healthy for you.
The point here is that you don’t really know what goes into your skin care, makeup and hair-care products. And that can’t be a good thing. There is a solution to this – organic and natural. Organic and natural skin ingredients are often the highest quality available. Organic signifies that the raw ingredients grown are free from artificial pesticides and fertilizers meaning they are better both for your skin and the environment.
Genuinely natural organic makeup and skin care products can make your skin look fresher and younger. Using these products not only reduces your daily exposure to synthetic chemicals and protects your skin from cancer-causing free radicals, but is also a very effective therapeutic approach to restoring the balance in your skin and allowing your natural health and vitality to emerge and rejuvenate.
Most people don’t take the time to read the list of ingredients in a product they apply directly to their skin. Most people don’t know or care how mineral oils can make your skin irritated. Most people don’t take the time or effort to learn about the benefits of organic, natural skincare. This is where Independency comes into it again. You know different. Do you want to use and benefit from your knowledge? Or follow the crowds regardless of the health risks? It’s your decision.


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