Lift Sagging Cheeks Using Facial Exercises

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How many times did you stand in front of your mirror this week only to gently lift the sides of your face up and back into the hairline? This futile action may have temporarily lifted your appearance, but if you want to have lasting results, those sagging cheek muscles need a rescue regime and they need it now.

Full, beautiful cheeks are vital to a youthful face. Nasal labial folds develop when the mid face begins to sag; facial muscles droop and pool into other muscles and muscle groups creating the look of old.

Sagging cheeks portray a clear indication that the muscles in the face no longer adequately support the skin; that downward slide elongates your face in subtle ways. At first, you may notice fine lines developing and a slight shift in your facial appearance may be evident only to you, but you know what is happening, don’t you? This is aging and it won’t stop, ever. 

The upper and lower face muscles weave over and under each other; one end attaches to bone in the skull and the other muscle end attaches either to another muscle or directly into the skin. As these muscles soften from disuse, the fullness of your face is affected as jowls, pouches, and sagging cheeks develop.

Atrophied, softened muscles drag down your skin to form the look of old we dread. It isn’t so funny when you see Great Aunt Hilda’s chin developing below your jaw. Hereditary or not, sagging cheeks, double chins, and more quickly add up to wearing a matronly face.

Men and women worldwide share the desire to maintain a youthful face. In our youth-obsessed society, wrong or right, a beautiful or handsome face often seems to enjoy special attention and more interest but youthfulness can wane.

There was a time that anti-aging options were limited to mostly skin-care lotions and potions, facials, lasers, injections, and surgery.

Now that consumers are savvy to the fact that these temporary modalities require repeated maintenance updates and refreshment, more and more patients realize that their hard-earned money is not well spent. After all, who wants to frequently inject costly, synthetic chemicals and fillers that carry dire warnings and partake in dangerous surgical alterations when it is well-known that these measures attribute to aging?

In addition to wrecking your skin, there is evidence that many adverse reactions occur in the weeks and months following invasive procedures such as injections and surgeries.

These potential complications can include allergic reactions, swelling, inflammatory reactions that result in nodule formation, cold sores, arthritis and other immune challenges, infection, bruising, bleeding, blisters, cysts, lumps, bumps, numbness, and migration issues.

Remember, you may not see complications immediately but they can rear their ugly head at any time after the initial procedure has been completed.

Buying risky injections and submitting to dicey surgeries can challenge your senses when you realize that you no longer recognize the face reflected in your mirror.

Even in the best-case scenarios, when everything goes perfectly, eventually you will be faced with “revision decisions” because it won’t be long until you recognize subtle shifting and you are faced with more injections and surgery.

Do you feel like a gerbil yet?

What if plastic surgery and injections were obsolete? 

How surprised would you be to learn that sagging cheeks, droopy necks, jowls, and pouches do not require surgical intervention or fillers that plump and injections that paralyze?

There is a way to tighten your face and lift your features using specialized contouring and isometric contractions that require only a few minutes of your time with results that rival the face you loved ten to fifteen years ago.

Here’s how this happens: Thumbs and fingers in white cotton exercise gloves are easily manipulated into movements, think resistance and contraction, that work to sculpt your facial muscles. 

A droopy face indicates that muscles are shifting and pooling into other muscles and muscle groups; when certain specific isometric exercise contractions are used, muscles awaken and begin to return to their more youthful shape. The skin is revitalized as beneficial nutrients via oxygenated blood are unleashed, the muscles plump up and the face looks younger. 

Repositioning the underlying muscles means you can wear a younger-looking face. Manipulating lax facial muscles, then seeing and feeling them respond, will dramatically enhance your good looks and elevate your confidence level.

Slow yet deliberate exercise movements are taught first for the heaviest muscles in the face and neck. Week One teaches you how to successfully contract the upper cheek and the upper eye muscles. These two actions will noticeably improve the smoothness of your skin while lifting the cheeks, forehead and upper eyes. These two exercises require thirty-five seconds each.

You don’t have to go anywhere or buy special equipment; these treatments are done in the privacy of your home.

Week Two begins by performing the two exercises learned in Week One and then adding two new actions that address the lower cheeks and lower mouth: firming and lifting the jowls and pouches. Performing these four exercises requires only seconds of your time. From the beginning, your face will feel more toned and lifted and soon your reflection in the mirror will reveal changes.

Over the next seven weeks you will teach yourself the simple yet easy steps to keep your face looking toned and younger. Neck, double chin, the dreaded wattle, under eyes, upper lips, crow’s feet, and more can be enhanced when you realize that the power of looking younger is in your hands.

Mindful, proactive, safe, sane, and natural methods will assure that you age spectacularly. Smiling never felt so good! And, your cheeks? Wowee zowee!




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