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Minerals: Your Skin’s Best Friend

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These days, women are more into taking better care of their skin. Expensive washes, lotions, and sunblock don’t always contribute to a healthier complexion. However, changing that daily makeup routine will make those small differences that you’ll notice.

Mineral makeup has been around for a while now, and not many of us are aware of the benefits of using natural minerals on our skin. Mineral makeup is made up of naturally occurring pigments from the earth, it’s non-comedegenic, and doesn’t irritate the skin, making it a great alternative for sensitive and mature skin types.

All of those cosmetics we’ve grown up on are chemical laden, and quite frankly, unhealthy. Research has shown that chemicals in makeup are not only bad for your skin, but can also be life threatening with continued exposure.

Minerals already benefit your body in many ways—why not your skin, too?


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