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Quick Beauty Tips

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As a busy working mother that doesn’t have time for myself much often, I began to research the market for quick fixes and products that I could use in the comfort of my own home in my very restrictive “me” time. I was pleased to discover that the cosmetic industry is thinking more and more about people like me, people always in a rush, applying makeup on the go, breakfast on the go, life on the go …

Anyways, if you don’t have much of a free time to go for a spa or salon, here are simple ideas and basics products you must have, that together with a “somewhat” balanced diet and about eight glasses of water a day will help you improving your skin and hair look.

Masques—Masques can do wonders and take only a maximum of ten minutes. Choose the one that will deliver the results your skin needs the most: hydration, illumination, clear spots and blemishes, induce the production of elastin and collagen, firms, exfoliate, etc. These are some examples of what a masque helps you to achieve.

Night Products—Products that work while you sleep; at night, the cell regeneration is accelerated, making it the best time for cosmetics. Choose a product that is easily absorbent and best suit your skin type. For mature skin, look for products containing DMAE and Matrixyl. They really help to improve skin tones and to fade out wrinkles. Do not forget to use a natural, water-based makeup remover before bed.

Deep Conditioners—Works wonderfully and requires only five minutes. Invest in good quality shampoo and conditioner, especially if your hair is highlighted or discolored. It will help you save time and money in the long haul. Do not apply conditioner to your scalp, especially if you have dandruff or hair loss.

Body—Your skin needs moisture, but if you don’t have time to moisturize it in the morning, try a bath oil during your shower and leave the moisturizer to be applied at night. Hot water may relax your muscles, but can excessively remove the natural fluids of your body. Warm water is what you want. Avoid antiperspirants; instead, use deodorants.

Sunscreens—Invest in a good quality, purse-sized sunscreen and take it with you wherever you go and apply it to your face whenever you need it. You could also choose one that also moisturizes your skin while protecting it. SPF 15 is good for everyday use, but for the pool and beach, you want to use a SPF 30.

If you want, I can definitely recommend you some good products. Just drop me a line and I’ll answer back.


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