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Skin Care Tips: For Shoe Repair Workers

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The abuse your hands take with constant exposure to shoe repair solvents and machinery, or just the sheer frequency with which your hands must be washed, can take its toll on the health of your skin. Human skin is a complex structure. The outer layer is actually dead skin and the layers underneath regulate moisture levels, among its other functions.

When dehydration occurs, dead skin peels off more than usual and cracks or even bleeding can be a very painful experience, as anyone who has suffered from severe sunburn can testify. Hands are skilled tools for shoe repair men, but shoe repair products that contain harsh chemicals can lead to dry hands and skin irritation.

Skin care tips:

Studies show that using a skin care product such as a shielding lotion can protect against harsh irritants, and the skin conditions associated with coming into contact with chemicals found in solvents.

Preventative tips against skin irritants include:

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals as often as possible
  • Wear gloves when you must deal with stronger cleaners and keep the area well ventilated
  • Use a shielding lotion on a regular basis for protection against chemical irritants and frequent washings and to maintain healthy, resilient skin


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