Your Skin’s Worst Enemies

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We all want to look our best. Having radiant skin can make us look years younger and, taking care of our skin will keep us looking our best even into later years. According to beauty expert and esthetician to the stars Susan Ciminelli, of the Susan Ciminelli Spa at the Bergdorf Goodman in New York City, what we eat and drink can have a dramatic affect on our complexions. She offers simple tips for getting your skin to look its best.

Susan’s top three tips for radiant skin: Avoid smoking, drinking soda and being in the sun.

“You have to have calcium to have beautiful skin,” says Susan Ciminelli. “Drinking soda, diet or otherwise, depletes your skin of calcium. 

“You want to go for foods that are very rich in calcium, such as kale and other green leafy vegetables,” said Susan, adding that dairy products aren’t the best way to get calcium because milk and cheese are hard for the body to digest and can leave dark circles under the eyes. Instead, she suggests adding foods to your diet that are rich in calcium—such as kale and other green leafy veggies. 

Susan says if you do eat dairy, combine it with vegetables such as radishes and dichon because it will help you to digest the milk products.

Is coffee good for you?

“Coffee gets in the way of the function of the liver,” says Ciminelli. “It creates sludge in the body, and it’s hard to get rid of that black sludge build up.” Susan says she recently started drinking coffee again and has gone up one dress size since. 

For more information on how you can avoid your skin’s worst enemies, listen to Lisa’s conversation with Susan.

And, for more of Susan’s beauty tips, check out her book:  “The Ciminelli Solution:  A Seven Day Plan for Radiant Skin.”

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By Lisa Osborne

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