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10 Fashion Fails from New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 Collection

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

    Betsey Johnson

    You have to give Betsey Johnson mad props for always staying true to her style, even if her style sometimes looks like a club wear line designed by Lisa Frank. Between that belt, that bag, and all that mesh it kind of looks like this model went out for a hard night of drinking in 1982 and just now woke up. Cute.

  • Photo courtesy of lev radin/Shutterstock

    Deola Sagoe

    When I think of fall, I know that I personally always think of kimono tops and lampshade skirts. What better way to wind down before the holiday season than by dressing up as the infamous leg lamp from A Christmas Story? It’s the perfect look for those days when you just want everyone to know you’re feeling fra-gi-le.

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock


    Fur, blush tones, and colorblocking. It almost seemed like Donna Karan hit all the high notes for fall fashion, until… Wait. Is that a bib? That’s fur sure a bib. And what good is a bib you have to dry clean? No good at all, my friends.

  • Photo courtesy of Ovidiu Hrubaru/Shutterstock

    Hervé Léger

    If you grew up watching Road Warrior, dreaming of having your own feather-sleeved jacket, rejoice! Hervé Léger has heard your cries, and they want all of us to be able to dress like motorcycle-riding, feather-rocking villains. 50% bird, 50% fashionista, 100% out of control.

  • Photo courtesy of Sam Aronov/Shutterstock

    Marc by Marc Jacobs

    What is this? I want so badly for the Marc by Marc Jacobs ready-to-wear line to actually be ready-to-wear, but apparently that’s not going to happen. Instead, Marc wants us to dress like rally-car driving clowns in ski boots. The worst part is that I just know somewhere in the world a bunch of Nascar uniform designers are hoping this is the break into haute couture.

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

    Melitta Baumeister

    Oversize was pretty much the defining silhouette at NYFW, but this jacket is just too much. Boxy is fine but when you’re wearing one jacket that could fit three people, that’s just wasteful. Not to mention the entire thing looks like it’s made out of electrical tape.

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock


    Have you ever seen something so tight, so obnoxious, and so fleetingly trendy that you can only imagine Kanye West picking it out for Kim Kardashian? Me too, and it's this two-piece, rust-colored leather jumpsuit.

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

    Oscar De La Renta

    Oscar De La Renta usually sets the standard for gorgeous gowns, but this is a hot freaking mess. The awkward sleeves, the powder blue hue, and the wrinkly material? This is what I imagine Cinderella looks like after last call.

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

    Rebecca Minkoff

    Rebecca, honey. No matter how great the fabric is, how good the stitching is, or how fabulous the rest of your collection looked—no amount of quilting will ever bring the fanny pack back. And that’s okay, because it’s better left in the past.

  • Photo courtesy of Anton Oparin/Shutterstock

    Samantha Cole

    That hair is terrifying and those colors are blinding me, but at least Samantha Cole took the time to think about what women really want out of a dress. Because, who doesn’t love hearing “How far along are you?” Oh, wait. Just kidding, not even pregnant women like hearing that.


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