180 Days Around the Classroom Entry #8

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New Entry #8

When people say bigger is better I don’t think they are talking about class sizes. In college all my educational classes referred to the classroom as having a 22:1 student/teacher ratio.  I assumed (and you know what that means) that I would have twenty-two students, twenty-two student desks/chairs, twenty-two special pencils (that I bought with my own money but that is in another entry) and twenty-two student file folders awaiting their names to be carefully written in my third grade manuscript (for you lay people that means in print).  Well, was I ever in for a reality check.  The first class list I was given two days before school began had twenty-seven students’ names listed.  Silly me went to the principal and said there had to be a mistake. “I am only supposed to have twenty-two students.  It is the law, isn’t it?” Before I could continue to make a fool of myself, the secretary walked in and handed me an updated list with two additional students added on to the paper.  She said I was fortunate; the other third grade teachers already had thirty kids in their classrooms.  At that moment, all I wanted to do was go out and buy more pencils.


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