33 Handmade Costumes for Halloween

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Witches and ghosts roam the streets. Superheroes and princesses collect candy door-to-door. It's time for the haunting holiday of Halloween! It's the one magical night a year where you can dress up as anything you want. Don't waste time or money scouring the stores trying to find the perfect costume. We've got them all here! In 33 Handmade Costumes for Halloween you'll find lots of great costumes that you can make yourself. Homemade Halloween costumes are cheaper and are much more creative. When you make your own Halloween costume you guarantee that no one else will have the same one, it's one-of-a-kind!

We've got some great handmade Halloween costume ideas for the whole family. There are instructions on how to make princess, superhero, animal and even candy costumes for the kids. But why should the kids have all the fun? Get some inspiration for your own costume by checking out our fun homemade Halloween costumes for adults. Whether you're looking for cute or creepy handmade costumes for Halloween we have plenty of options to suit any style. Make this Halloween spook-tactular with these homemade costume ideas!

Halloween Costumes for Boys

Whether he wants to be a monster or a superhero we have costumes that your little boy will love. These easy Halloween costumes are sure to make this best favorite Halloween ever!

Costume Ideas for Girls

Does your little girl dream of being a princess? We have girly and cute handmade Halloween costumes that she will love. Once Halloween is over these costumes are great for dress-up!

More Halloween Costumes for Kids

Your kids can dress up as sugary sweet candy or a cute little pumpkin with these handmade costumes for Halloween. They have so much fun trick-or-treating in these fun costumes.

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Adults

Get creative this Halloween and make your own costume. If you are looking for a quick costume check out the Over the Top Hat and Magically Easy Masks. You'll be crowned the winner of any costume contest with these handmade costumes for Halloween.


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