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So many things I need to say,
that have been long past “overdue”
I’ll start with what means the most,
 yet I don’t say near enough …
and that’s—that’s I LOVE YOU!
always have and always will,
regardless what’s been said or done,
I’ve let you down time and again,
each time, regretting what I’d done. 
I wish I had an “excuse” to give you,                           
but in all honesty, I have none! 
I blame no one other than myself,
for all “bad” decisions that I make,
aware of all the consequences,
behind the chances that I take!
why I choose to live as I do,
is beyond a mystery …
and all I want and ask from you,
is to just accept me for being me …
that shouldn’t be a problem at all,
if your love is unconditional.      



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