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Actress Keira Knightley on "Anna Karenina"

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What’s your take on the attraction between your character and Vronsky (Aaron Taylor-Johnson)?I think it’s lust. I think it’s lust at first sight and I think it’s romance. I don’t think that she’s ever had either. I think because you have to look at love an entire emotion – not just the romance, the lust or the companionship, but equally the loneliness and jealousy. She doesn’t. She certainly can’t recognize anything other than that initial (lust) because she’s never had it before – and that’s her tragedy Once she’s tasted it, she can’t recognize anything else and that’s the only thing that love becomes.

She can’t recognize the love that is there between her and her husband (Karenin, played by Jude Law) because it is less than that lust. If you’ve never experienced that kind of sexual thing or romance then of course you’d cling on to it and you wouldn’t understand when it leave. It is her tragedy.

Why do you think she was attracted to Karenin in the first place? He seemed so radically different from Vronsky.

There is an explanation in the book. She’s from this very, very small town in Russia and he gives her a way out. She’s 18 and she’s been living with two aunts. He’s very well thought of and he’s a catch. She wants to get out.




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