Alive in a Life

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With one hand on my hip

And the other on the side of my face

Look into my eyes

And there lies my soul


Hold me tightly

Be gentle now

In this moment

You hold my heart


Breathe in my scent and caress my body

Hold on tightly

Don’t think

Don’t blink


If you skip a beat

I will pound one for you.


If you shut your lids

Open your heart

Feel me soar throughout your soul


Touch the soft skin on the small of my back

As I arch myself away from your face

Feel the puzzle pieces connect


Take a deep breath

Feel your lungs fill

And your body release


Use those walls for someone else

They are no longer needed here


Slide your hands all over my body


Open your eyes

I’m still here


Not sure how to describe it

It’s like heaven

But I’m not dead yet


That look in your eyes

Yeah, the one that glows in the soft brown story tellers


The one that whispers the goodbyes

And screams the I love you’s


Don’t blink

I could miss it

You could say a million words

Yet, that look seals it


You can’t walk away

I think this time you should listen, and stay


I’m not the type to read the gossip of believe all the hype

Yet, baby … I’m gonna go crazy

if you don’t wrap me up and take me home tonight.


I’m not sure where your head lays tonight

Maybe it’s tossin‘

Maybe it’s dreamin‘


But there’s a picture in my mind

One girl

One guy

Who’ve got it bad


The nights seem endless

And the days go … alright

It’s you who makes

This body take flight


When I see you walk in

God, is what I am feeling truly a sin


My body heats up

My heart races

There’s only one

That my soul traces


A gentle hug

That’s what the people can see

Yet, laying naked next to you

Is where I’d rather be

Breathe the life back into me

When I’m there

There’s no lying

I’m alive!


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