All the Girls In France

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Despite being warned by friends and acquaintances that the Parisians are an unfriendly bunch, I decided to join my husband on a trip to Amsterdam for a business conference, only if he would promise me a side trip to Paris. Amsterdam was wonderful, beautiful beyond expectations, and the people were a joy! Everyone rides bicycles; everyone is slender and beautiful; and everyone is young and friendly! How could Paris measure up to this magnificent place?

We took the train from Amsterdam to Paris. Upon arrival, we found a taxi to take us to our hotel (a very modest hotel) but located within spitting distance of the Louvre Museum. The taxi driver knew no English, but he did manage to get us to our hotel since we had the address printed on a piece of paper. Buildings and people swirled by us. The scenery was amazing, the people were even more so. I have never seen more gorgeous creatures in my life! Even the ugly ones were beautiful!

At the hotel, we were surprised to find that our room would not be able to accommodate our luggage and our selves. We had to leave the suitcases with the front desk and just take what we needed from them.  While this was a minor inconvenience, it did nothing to curb my enthusiasm for Paris. My joy was not diminished either by the fact that most modest hotel lobbies in Paris smell suspiciously like cat pee.

We had three days to take in the sights and dutifully did all of the touristy things one would expect to do in such a short time. We went to the Louvre for several hours (it would take several months to appreciate it); we saw the Eiffel Tower; we took a romantic boat ride and went to the Moulin Rouge for dinner and a show. We walked the boulevards, and ate in the cafes and restaurants. The food and the service people were superb. The coffee and the bread are beyond mortal expectations!

I have never seen such beautiful women in my life! They were everywhere! Walking, sitting in cafes, shopping, smoking cigarettes, and talking on cell phones, they were all breathtaking! These women were chic. They wore blue jeans, a plain white tee shirt with a Hermes scarf and the sight was fit for the cover of Vogue. The women in Paris seem to know exactly how to give their appearance that little something extra. These were not all young women either. Women who appeared to be in their 70s were just as gorgeous and as well turned out.

The shop clerks were beautiful as were the women going to and from offices and cafes and riding the Metro. We even saw pretty prostitutes, the only exception being a heavily made up and bewigged person in a back alley who was of quite questionable gender.

In Paris, people walk a lot! Although we stuffed ourselves with fine cuisine, all the walking seemed to burn off the calories. We drank vin rouge and ate all we wanted, and we both weighed the same on the way home if not less!

I was very sad that I had to leave before I learned the secret that these Parisian women seemed to be born with. Although I have made subsequent trips to Paris, I still cannot fathom just what they do so differently from women in other parts of the world.  These gals can keep a secret!


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