American Adventure Holidays: Explore a Different World

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Not all holidays are fun. While lying beside the pool, soaking up sunshine and sipping on cocktails may constitute the perfect getaway for some people, others are realising that a more adventurous holiday has its benefits. Read on to learn more about adventure holidays in America.


Britons often fly out to European destinations such as Ibiza, Lanzarote and Mallorca, which offer plenty of fun and adventure. Popular resorts such as Disney World Paris are also popular. Other parts of the world offer the same types of holiday. In the United States, for example, visitors tend to be drawn to major attractions or places, such as Disney World Orlando (Florida), Universal Studios and Las Vegas. What many holidaymakers do not realise, however, is that a whole world of adventure exists beyond the confines of the traditional beach, resort or club holiday.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Britons are able embark on a life-changing adventure; in fact, they can experience virtually any kind of adventure holiday on the North American mainland. Not all holidaymakers should not be content with sipping margaritas on the beach and dancing the night away in the clubs. While these activities are fine for most, others demand more adventure and excitement. Some need to connect with nature and themselves in a way that is completely detached from normal existence. Such an experience can be provided in a relatively safe, controlled environment only when tourists opt for adventure holidays.

In the United States, there are so many natural wonders that choosing one adventure holiday can be a significant challenge. Do thrill-seekers head to Yellowstone National Park, which is thought to sit on the world's largest super-volcano, or do they travel to the breathtaking Grand Canyon? Perhaps visitors to the States should journey to the Niagara Falls in New York, the expansive, desolate plains of Texas or the challenging peaks of Montana. Whatever the destination, tourists should remember that an adventure holiday requires an entirely different approach from that of traditional holiday experiences.


The nature of an adventure holiday is such that participants should be prepared to get involved. Relatively tame adventure holidays in the US do exist, of course; for example, visitors can learn to sing or play an instrument in New Orleans, where some studios offer low-cost record-making sessions. In Texas, meanwhile, holidaymakers can explore the virtues of all-you-can-eat American cuisine, while gambling tours in Las Vegas can be great fun. Most adventure holidays, however, involve a more hands-on approach.

The Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world, making it a must-see destination for visitors to North America. Whereas ordinary tourists are content to visit the Grand Canyon and merely observe its breathtaking scenery, adventure-seekers want to explore, ramble and climb. Adventure experiences in the Grand Canyon include white-water rafting, kayaking, climbing, running, walking and camping. Tour operators will typically provide a qualified guide to ensure that tourists err on the side of safety, but this type of holiday is one that is all about exploring the rawest, most beautiful aspects of nature and that usually means some degree of risk!

More extreme adventure holidays in the United States include survival weekends in the Appalachian mountains, kayaking in Alaska and alligator-spotting in the Everglades.


Alfred Smith writes about travel for a number of leading online publications. Having been to America several times on adventure holidays, Alfred recommends that readers visit for more information on living the American dream for one or two weeks.


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