American Idol Has Jumped the Shark

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I feel the need to step away from tween stuff in order to vent about last night’s Idol finale, although talk on the Web is that it was the tweens and teens who have been voting for Kris Allen all season. And, as us parents know, they will stay up texting in their votes like Lionel Richie, all night long. Whereas us thirty, forty, fifty-somethings, who seemed to be drawn to Adam Lambert, have better things to do, like sleep. I absolutely do not buy this blue state/red state theory, if that were true then Obama would be the American Idol. Music has nothing to do with politics. I think conservatives can deal with guyliner. Plus, I know a few extreme right wingers who listen to the most bizarre stuff you can imagine. And I’m not talking Perry Como.

So here are some of the reasons why many previously loyal fans, including myself, may not invest their time in American Idol come next January:

The New Judge
Idol fans are not feeling the love for Kara Dioguardi. Personally, I didn’t have much opinion on her one way or the other until the night that Danny Gokey sang Dream On and Kara said she would have preferred him to sing older Aerosmith. Ummm, Kara, sweetie, Dream On was on Aerosmith’s first album. You can’t get any earlier than that. Do your homework. (Although I will admit she did a good job putting bikini girl in her place last night. I enjoyed that.)

Which brings me to …

Too Many Judges
Blah, blah, blah. Do they even know what they’re saying anymore? ’Cause I don’t. Even Simon, who has always been the most articulate judge, called one of Kris Allen’s performances “wet?” And Randy with his, “It didn’t work for me for you for me,” and his “I was like huh? and then I was like what?” Yep, pretty much sums up my Idol watching experience.

Which brings me to …

The Results Shows
Yawn. You know they’ve run out of things to fill up an hour of television when they throw Paula on stage to lip sync. And the product placement! When will they be satisfied? When everyone in America is driving a Ford while sucking down a Big Gulp of Coca-Cola?

Which brings me to …

The Theme Nights
They’re really becoming tiresome. And if the judges want them to “know who they are” then why do they force them to sing songs that’s not their forte and then complain that it wasn’t the right song for them.

Which brings me to …

The Best Talents Aren’t Winning
Okay, we got it right with Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, and David Cook. But what about Chris Daughtry, Jennifer Hudson, Kimberly Locke, Constantine Maroulis, and now Adam Lambert. It’s becoming embarrassing.

Which brings me to …

The Voting
The voting has always been riddled with problems and controversy. How many of Adam’s votes didn’t get through last night? How many people thought there was no way he was going to lose so didn’t bother to vote? How many people cast a vote for Kris as a vote against Adam? Not to take anything away from Kris. If anyone was going to beat Adam, I’m glad it was him. He really grew on me through the season, especially when he sang the Kanye West song that blew the original version away. But even as he said last night, “Adam deserves this.” And in my opinion, that’s the crux of it.

MJ was upset that Adam lost, but she has a more forgiving spirit than I do. Maybe the tweens will keep the show going just for the sheer reason that there’s nothing else for families to watch together. Or perhaps it’s finally time to turn the TV off and read a book. But, in the meantime, to the producers of American Idol … dude, for me? It just wasn’t right for you … for me.


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