And Now for Something Completely Different …

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Before I get into today’s post I’d like to send out a huge thank you to everyone who has been our side, especially Gizmo’s side, these past few days. I never would’ve imagined that so many people, especially people that had never even heard of him, would be so kind and supportive in this most crazy of times.

I probably won’t be talking about him in a regular posting for at least a few days now. I’m guessing most everyone is over-saturated with all this drama. Just please know that he’s now getting the best possible care. I’m hoping for a complete recovery for him; but at this time, no one knows if that is really possible. It’s still too early to tell. If you’d like more details before I post about him next time, please feel free to email me.

I’d love to share, but I think it’s important that I attempt to get back to where I was; and going back to my regular blog just might help me do that. Besides all of us could really use some laughs about now. I know I could.

I’m sharing something that Evelyn sent me the other day. I think it’s hilarious, kinda disturbing, but funny disturbing not like I slept with your grandmother disturbing. (As I’m sure everyone knows, I like funny disturbing.) For those really into balconies, it gives you a whole ’nother way to think about them—or not, after seeing these photos.

Please let me know what you think. I could really use the feedback. (Now remember, I’ve been away and it may take me just a bit to find myself again.)

By the way, Doug has never shaved his head. That is not us!

However, once upon a time, about twenty-five years ago, we were frisky in a hotel hot tub. Please note though that said hot tub was completely hidden from prying eyes by lush landscaping. It was very late and we had total privacy, or so we’d thought, until we got up to our room and went out on the balcony and looked down. You could see that hot tub and more importantly anything going on it, quite nicely actually. It was mortifying.

Of course, we were much younger and in much better shape then, so I got over a lot sooner than I would now. Now it’s just scary to think about- at least the getting seen part.

Apparently the call of the great outdoors is irresistible to some.

I’m also looking for another photos for the Bizarrometer. If you have one you think might qualify, please send it on and I’ll link back to you.




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