This Is Andy . . . Signing Out

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"This is Andy . . . Signing Out"

 He stared out at the vastness of the ocean

He had come here for answers

Answers to a question that he suddenly needed to know

His body was tired and worn

While his hands were deeply calloused from decades of labors

His heart was tired and his days were limited

It had not been an easy life, but he wouldn’t change anything

Except one thing


“My days have nearly totaled to 25,000, Lord

And this old heart and tired body are worn out,

But how is it that the time has been as fleeting as a summer shower

And my mind remains youthful and yearns to see so much more,

Yet my body begs for rest?

How is it possible to live those many days, Lord

yet feel as though I have barely lived at all?”


He looked to the skies and his face was streaked with tears

His question was answered.

Thousands of his days passed as if they hadn’t existed

Because he was too busy to take notice

He had overlooked the tiny joys in the day

In search of the bigger and better things


“Lord, I understand now

I have learned too late what was most important in my life

It was I, and I alone, who cheated me out of days

Days that I threw away with callous disregard

It has been a bitter lesson

One in which I was tested long before I had the knowledge


Now that I have learned my lessons, Lord

I will use them to the fullest advantage

I will live each day from now on as if it to be my last

I will savor every moment of happiness

And all that is beautiful

I can’t make up what I have lost

But I can keep from adding to those days


“Now, if you’ll excuse me, Lord

I have a whole lot of living to do . . .

This is Andy . . . signing out “





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