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Animal Behavior

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"March comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb" is one of my favorite sayings during this time of year. This time where winter is losing its grip, and spring is just around the corner.  As I look outside today in early March, I can't help but think how true this saying really is, as I see large, wet, white snowflakes fall to the ground in a backdrop of sunshine. I wrote this poem keeping this anomaly of weather in mind.

The first day of March showed no sign of hope,
            With bitter-cold temperatures and snow-covered slopes.
March had arrived, coming in like a lion,
            Roaring and clawing and desperately trying;
To keep spring sequestered and faint in our minds.
            As the days progressed to push ahead time,
The mornings grew dark as the nights lingered on,
            The snow melted away and uncovered the lawns.
The daffodils and iris’ peeked out of the ground,
            A little bit leery of Old Man Winter’s sound.
A quick turn of the wind, and a shift in the clouds,
            Dropped water or snow by the bucket or pound.
We lowered our heads, but knew in our hearts,
            That the battle was being won by the warmth.
For as the third month approached its end,
            The animal mentioned is more of a friend.
A sign of fresh flowers and dirt-covered hands,
            That March will surely go out like a lamb.

I know that soon I will be shedding my wool dress pants and turtleneck sweaters for cool cotton linens and cardigans. My drab-colored footwear will be replaced with peephole flats and freshly painted toenails to match. Spring is a great time of year to start anew, reflect on that New Year's resolution that might not be met, and get outside to play in the fresh air. Soon you will be complaining it is too hot, so enjoy this wonderful season while it lasts!


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