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A mother of three teenagers, I am experiencing a change in my life: a new career, children leaving home, empty nest syndrome. Two years ago, I was working with the mentally handicapped and homeless population. Assisting them to locate suitable Section 8 apartments and providing services to help them become independent citizens in their community. I loved that career, helping others to become self-sufficient and become independent in a community. They were given goals and treatment plans to attain dreams, such as going to school to achieve a degree or career, attend clinics and programs to heal from past traumas, or complete objectives to aid their recovery from drugs, alcohol and post trauma wounds and gain progressive growth in their lives. There were mostly victories, at times, yet people would relapse and would have to start over again. The hope and determination of their courage encouraged me to reach out and help them along their journey, fulfilling my soul. I learned that today is precious and there are worries in our lives, yet if we look at life in a positive frame of mind and not be afraid to hear the word “no,” we can also find hope, love, and peace among the chaos.

I have had many blessings in my life, the more I pay forward the more the blessings would come, some so amazing I am in awe of the Almighty—nothing is impossible from the God we are created to serve. One of my favorite gifts was meeting the Smashwords e-authors, at, self-publisher writers who decided against big publishers and chose the eBook route and published their own books. There are many hidden treasures among the norm at this site. The hope was contagious and sprang up other exciting sites, such as Indie Authors Unite. I love Smashwords. The e-authors are compassion, funny and serious—an internet family—and they have given me and others hope and strength to get up each morning, pull out the computer, and let the mind wander and the fingers fly, creating stories to share with readers. Come out today and check out this awesome site, and review the many gems available at low cost and spread more knowledge and hope to this generation and the upcoming generations. Schedule a reading night into your daily schedule. I shared a book with my teens and saw the lightbulb go off in their heads. Maybe the next Issac Asimov sci-fiction writer is being created—who knows? Dare to dream.


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