Are Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones Divorcing?

Their 13-year marriage is on the rocks!

After 13 years of marriage, a lifetime for Hollywood romances, it appears that actor Michael Douglas, 68, and actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, 43, will be getting a divorce!

The two haven't been seen or photographed together for months, and sources tellĀ The MirrorĀ that Michael will be the one announcing the split. The source also says that Catherine is desperate to stop the divorce and will do anything to save the marriage.

A rep for Douglas neither confirmed nor denied the rumors, but it's easy to see the stress that could have contributed to the breakdown of their marriage: Michael was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2011 and Catherine has recently been battling her own diagnosis of bi-polar disorder.

We hope it's not true, but only time will tell.

Do you think Michael and Catherine will get a divorce?


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