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Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Surrenders to U.S. Marshalls

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Former Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Michael Vick turned himself in to U.S. Marshalls yesterday. In three weeks he will face sentencing on dog fighting charges.

As I researched this case for readers of DivineCaroline, I have been amazed at the varied and very passionate and often ugly responses from both Vick supporters and detractors.

I actually read a comment today, which in my opinion is the most ridiculous thing I have heard since the O.J. Simpson verdict of NOT GULITY. One comment in a sports publication yesterday was, “Vick is serving time as a first time offender because he is Michael Vick a BLACK MAN WITH TOO MUCH MONEY for the white man.” This is brilliantly ridiculous. I have heard many people in my community voice exactly the same opinion. I would prefer to listen to my mule bray at midnight, during a full moon in my barn, than to listen to that kind of stupidity. What is wrong with these people?

I suppose the above mentioned Vick supporter has not seen how many White entertainers, politicians, and political leaders are getting dogged (no pun intended), by both the legal system and the media and many have gone to jail.

I for one, do not like to judge anyone. I am a devoted Christian, and I love all people, of all races. I always have. Michael Vick is no exception for me. I hope that he turns his life around. Everyone deserves a second chance. However, I am also black, which gives me a solid right to comment on statements concerning racial injustice. I am also an animal lover, with three Pomeranians at home and as most people know I raised both Angora goats and horses for years. A big part of my life revolves around animals and nature. 

This case is not about the Black Man. It is not about the White Man. It is about a great and highly gifted football player who did something very wrong, which was to contribute to the harm and death of poor little animals, who have no one but us to defend them. This case is about caring human beings, who love their dogs. And this case is about political climate. A climate that will not tolerate the abuse of animals. Good!

There are people from all walks of life who love dogs. White people, black people, Native Americans, young, old, rich, and very poor. I have shed tears about this case, when I think about what some of these poor animals had to endure. It’s horrible! I feel that those who wish to make this case into another race card, should think very deeply about what these animals suffered. Maybe they don’t care about them but I do!

I just don’t understand what Michael was thinking. Why would a person jeopardize his entire career, for something as repulsive as dog fighting? It is difficult, even for me, a man of great compassion to feel sorry for him. I keep thinking about the animals.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will we see Al Sharpton? What will be the team’s ultimate response? I guess time will tell.


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