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Autumn in McGregore

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Brilliant autumn colors,

Splash the background,

Of rolling hills and bluffs.

Crimson red and harvest gold,

Everywhere you look.


You smile, as you look at me,

And place your hand in mine.

Together, we stroll leisurely,

Taking our sweet time.


Down the beaten path,

Trodden long ago,

Endures to present time,

And shows the way to go.


Leaves drift gently,

Down, down, down,

Falling all around us,

Blanketing the ground.


Looking past the Pines,

Down below the cliff,

Barges … make there way,

Up the mighty Mississip.


I love this place … this time of year,

When autumn wakes, in amber

And Jack Frost comes

To chase away,

The former

Shades of summer.


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