Awesome Getaway on a Tight Budget

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Have you ever wondered where can we go and have a really good time on a really tight budget? I have the answer: Branson, Missouri. Nice hotels for seventy-five dollars or less a night. Restaurant meals average between eight dollars to twelve dollars for an adult. The cost of living in Branson, Missouri is probably as low or lower than anywhere else in the USA

There is something here for people of all ages. Branson has been called Little Vegas for many years; this is only because of the huge selection of entertainment and lights they offer. Branson does not have the crime and violence Vegas has. Branson is probably one of the safest, friendliest places you will ever visit. 

Branson has all types of entertainment shows just like Vegas only at a fraction of the price. Branson also has an amusement park, Silver Dollar City, which is much more than an amusement park. Not only does it have rides for adults as well as little ones, it has shows and entertainment for all ages as well. This is a place you can visit a couple days and still not see everything they have to offer. Again, it is very affordable. Branson also has a huge water amusement park. Branson has all types of tourist things, like huge co-cart tracks, helicopter rides, museums of all types. A replica of the Titanic with hundreds of original items that were actually in the Titanic. 

Branson also sits on a huge lake where you can go boating, skiing, jet skiing, fishing, swimming, or scuba diving. There are tons of factory outlet stores, craft stores,and malls in Branson.

You can also go on scenic drives. Southwest Missouri is very scenic with panoramic views allowing for you to see for hundreds of miles. A map of Missouri will show you the roads that have been declared as scenic roadways. 

There is so much to offer! This is an awesome getaway at a bargin price. You should check it out.

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