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“The Bachelor”: What Happens After the Final Rose?

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We made it, Bachelor fans! After ten weeks of struggling to maintain consciousness as we watched Ben fly around in helicopters, don questionable attire, battle humidity with his center-parted hair, and throw the phrase “down to earth” into every applicable (and non-applicable) sentence, the “journey” has finally come to a predictable and disturbing end.
The final episode consisted of Ben pretending to struggle with his decision and casting several contemplative looks out into the absurdly gorgeous Swiss Alps. We eventually find Ben standing at the base of the Matterhorn twirling a stunning Neil Lane diamond ring between his fingers. The final two potential Mrs. Flajniks are deposited individually onto the mountaintop, each wearing a cape. (Are capes a thing in Switzerland?) Lindzi looks like Snow White and Courtney looks like a dominatrix version of Cruella de Vil, flaunting elbow-high black leather gloves that she must have scored from Fredrick’s of Hollywood. (Why on Earth would you wear gloves if you knew there was a 50 percent chance of having a ring placed on your finger?) Obviously Lindzi gets the boot, and after an emotionless goodbye, Ben gets down on bended knee, says a bunch of stuff I can’t hear over my dry heaves, and proposes to the season’s villain, Courtney.
We’d be sad about this if we had higher hopes for Mr. Flajnik, but we knew he was a lost cause the second he went skinny dipping with Courtney. So let’s move on to the moderately entertaining parts of the evening, which came during “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” show. Wait, we have another hour of this? Okay, fine, I’ll sacrifice another sixty minutes of precious sleep just in case something interesting happens.
Luckily, an hour sleep deficit is worth it as Courtney and Ben take the hot seat individually and then together to discuss the status of their relationship. Ben discloses that he and Courtney broke up for a few weeks during the airing of the show after Ben saw Courtney say, “Winning!” for the eighty-sixth time. Ben dodges rumors of cheating, claiming that revealing tabloid photos in which he is clutching the derriere of another woman and clearly kissing her, are simply shots of him and friends out in the city. Apparently, I need to get some new friends.
Courtney takes the hot seat and when asked if they’re a couple she says, “Yes … I think,” and displays what appears to be semi-legitimate emotion. So she’s not one of those new-fangled humanlike robots! They finally take the stage together and it becomes obvious that they have trust issues. Regardless, after replaying the proposal scene in which Ben tells Courtney that she’s his “forever,” they proclaim their love for each other and suggest that they will work through their problems. Chris Harrison pulls out Courtney’s engagement ring and Ben halfheartedly says, “I very much want her to have this again,” and places it back on her finger. They say that they think a wedding will come from this, but are not sure when. We’re really playing fast and loose with the word “forever” here, aren’t we?
So what will happen to Ben and Courtney? Will they stay together and have a dozen little Josh Groban look-alike babies, or was their reconciliation nothing more than the product of a threat from ABC producers?
A part of me wants them to work it out because frankly, I think they deserve each other. They both part their hair down the middle, they both are interested in promoting themselves, and they both are different and weird in a creepy serial-killer kind of way. But in all honesty, it’s obvious they have a sincere connection. Their atypical personalities mesh very well, they seem extremely at ease in each other’s company, and they clearly have a fierce attraction. Courtney even demonstrated a sweet side in the last few episodes that had even her biggest disapprovers wondering if they misinterpreted the complex model. The question is: is the damage that’s been done irreparable?
Throughout the season, Courtney’s desire to win overshadowed her desire to find true love, making her an easy target for tabloids and distraught fans. Many onlookers feel that her rise to the top was based on manipulation, deception, and a willingness to take her clothes off on national TV. At the same time, many sources are saying that Ben’s decision to keep her week after week demonstrates a hungry libido, a lack of seriousness, and male blindness. Once Ben saw what the rest of the world was seeing in Courtney, however, he up and left her rather than standing by and defending her. Not to mention, he used his C-list celebrity status as a way to pick up chicks in San Francisco dive bars. Not a good precedent for future disagreements.
Although we’d all like to think a trashy reality-TV show can produce everlasting true love, I don’t think that a happy life in wine country is in the cards for these two. Sure their relationship was amazing and splendid when they were picnicking on snow-covered mountaintops, but how will they fare a year down the road when they find themselves at Home Depot arguing over which color tile they want for the bathroom floor?
Tell us: Do you think that Ben and Courtney are truly in love, or was their appearance on “The Bachelor: After the Final Rose” nothing more than a ploy to get the media off their backs? Do you think they’ll stay together, or was this relationship doomed from the start?

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