Backyard Family Vacation

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With today’s economy, more and more families are trading in their vacations away from home into fun and exciting vacations at home. Backyards everywhere are becoming the new hot spots for vacationing families.

Having a backyard vacation can be a lot of fun. A great way for inexpensive overnight fun is a campout. Kids have been doing this for decades. We just need to take a page from their playbook when it comes to backyard camping. A good tent is probably the most important piece of backyard equipment for your vacation. They come in every shape, size, and price; from really simple and inexpensive to some that can be a little pricier. Depending on your experience (or inexperience) get a tent that is easy to set up. If your kids are a bit older, get them a little tent of their own to put up.It gives them a feeling of independence and will make their first experience into backyard vacationing, an enjoyable one. If you want to get the full camping adventure then forget about the tent and throw some sleeping bags out in the yard around a campfire and sleep under the stars. 

You can’t have a campfire without s’mores. However, you are going to need a little nutrition while camping so stock up on the hamburgers, chicken, backed potatoes, and corn-on-the-cob; throw it right on the grill for a really great dinner.  What I love about backyard camping is that you have all the elements of being out in the wilderness; tents, campfires, lanterns, but with the added benefit of indoor plumbing (the girls love this one).

Don’t forget the games! Kids love to play games and your backyard vacation is a great time to try out some new outdoor games. Games such as Cornhole, Hillbilly Golf and Washer Toss are some of the newer games to enter the family backyard, but the tried-and-true old school games are still fun to play and bring out that competitive streak in every family member such as; badminton, volleyball, yard darts, and who can forget the Slip ‘N Slide!

A scavenger hunt is another game to keep your children entertained during their backyard vacation. Add a fun twist to it by coming up with a theme, such as a pirate scavenger hunt, and make up clues that will have them running all over the neighborhood searching for hidden treasures.  Even better, have them all dress in pirate costumes. Let their imaginations run wild as they imagine themselves as high-sea buccaneers and cutthroat scallywags ready to take over the neighborhood all from their own backyard!

Backyards are a great place to vacation with your family. Your kids can camp, swim, climb trees, hunt for treasures, and sleep under the stars. Next time you’re planning a family vacation and want more fun for less cost, all you have to do is look out your back window and imagine!


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