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Barefaced Beauties: Celebs Go Sans Makeup

  • Lady Gaga

    Abandoning her trademark theatrical cake-face, Lady Gaga posed without a hint of makeup for the October 2011 cover of _Harper’s Bazaar_. As an eccentric performer who’s used shocking makeup to transform herself into everything from an endearing panda to a _Clockwork Orange_-esque character, it’s nice to see her shed her outlandish makeup and display her _Born This Way_ beauty. We think she’s never looked better!
  • Tyra Banks

    If you’ve ever tuned into the _Tyra Banks Show_, you know that this supermodel-turned-TV-host is all about encouraging women to flaunt what their mamas gave them. Walking her talk, Tyra tweeted a makeup-free picture of herself saying, “I’m having a washed face working Wednesday. Are you?” No, we’re not Tyra, but we think it’s great that you are!
  • Jessica Simpson

    Posing for the May 2011 cover of _Marie Claire_, Jessica Simpson claimed to be flaunting a makeup-free look to encourage women to embrace their natural beauty. Although the pop princess reported she was au natural, buzz of touch-ups spread. What do we think? Jess has endured some harsh judgment, what with the mom jeans incident and now this. We’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, in which case, we need to hear her beauty secrets because her skin looks flawless!
  • Claire Danes

    Red carpet regular, Claire Danes posed for a spread in _PEOPLE_ wearing just a touch of moisturizer on her face. Although the actress might look glamorous in the limelight, Claire told _PEOPLE_ that she is low-key and typically goes without makeup whenever she’s not at work. We can see why—her girl-next-door prettiness is just as stunning as her big-screen glam.
  • Cindy Crawford

    Clearly, she’s not called a supermodel for nothing. Cindy Crawford looks striking barefaced and with a perfect paint job. Although she’s posed for over a thousand magazine covers, this black-and-white shot in _Harper’s Bazaar_ especially showcases her effortless beauty.
  • Lisa Rinna

    Actress, TV host, and most recently a contestant on _Celebrity Apprentice_, Lisa Rinna tweeted a fresh-faced picture of herself out with her two daughters. A follower responded to the photo by saying, "You look HORRIBLE without makeup on.” Lisa refuted the comment saying, “Hey at least I'm brave enough to show myself without make up!! Here I am no make up not an ounce!" You tell ’em Lisa—most celebs wouldn’t be caught dead without their cover-up! We think she looks great! Who needs makeup with those cheekbones and brows?!
  • Teri Hatcher

    Teri Hatcher, posted an album of self portraits titled “Oy with Botox” to her Facebook page to shatter plastic surgery rumors. Her straight-out-of-the-shower look proves three things: at forty-six, the woman is rockin’ a plastic surgery-free face, she’s beautiful without a stitch of makeup, and she looks like anything but desperate housewife.
  • Eva Mendes

    Posing for a spread in _PEOPLE_, this Cuban-American bombshell proved that she does not need makeup to look fabulous. Eva’s perfectly freckled skin, mysterious brown eyes, and full lashes give her classic natural beauty without the aid of any products.
  • Katy Perry

    Unlike the other celebs who chose to pose sans makeup, the world got a glimpse of a stark-faced Katy Perry when her oh-so-comical husband Russell Brand tweeted a picture of her without a speck of makeup. We’re guessing this was like a bad _Teenage Dream_ for this pop queen, who’s never seen with an overly-mascaraed eyelash out of place, as the picture was quickly taken down. You’re a brave man, Russell Brand.


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