Based on Love, Part VI

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Then November came, and he experienced with her another first. For Thanksgiving, they plotted to go out of state together and stay with her father. Her sister had barely okay-ed it, but then even let her stay at the boy’s house the night before leaving. They slept together on a small love-seat styled couch in his living room. His mom tucked them in, and woke them up less than five hours later to leave. The boy’s dad drove them to the airport, and they had two planes to wait on. She had to get seats changed so they would be able to sit by each other for every flight. You could tell this was a new experience for the boy, but he wasn’t overly nervous about the new situation. She took a photo of him on the plane, just to show he was actually there with her for his first time. They sat together close and held on to each other both flights. During a flight change, they grabbed something to eat from Frank & Stein’s on the way to their terminal; his parents had given him money for the trip so he paid for their lunch. Once they arrived, her dad was late to get them, just as the girl expected. They rode to his house and threw their stuff in the living room of her father’s giant house.

They picked up her younger sister and grandmother, who also stayed at her dad’s house for a while. The girl’s mom didn’t know her older daughter was in state, and it was supposed to be kept a secret. The whole reason they went down to visit her dad was to talk to him about the college plans they had made together. They wanted to go to an art school across the country once they got out of school. Her dad didn’t care at all, and barely even spoke to the two of them the entire visit. They slept together in the living room; him on a lounge couch and her on a giant stuffed dog on the floor. They loved waking up to each other. The two stayed up late together each night; talking, watching movies, kissing, just being together somewhere new.

One night they didn’t go to sleep until the sun was about to rise. As comfortable as they had become with each other, being in a new place just meant trying new things to them. Three times that morning they got together again as one whiles the rest of her family slept in peace. The ideas of being able to connect so wholly brought them constantly close together in many ways. Every time, it would end in a sincere smile and a feeling that neither of them will ever be able to forget.

The trip didn’t do much in the way of accomplishing the couple’s goal, but they tried and were mostly ignored. They were basically left to fend for themselves, along with the girl’s younger sister. The last night they were there, her mother called her cell phone. Her younger sister had gone home and told her mother that she was in state, and it got her in major trouble. The girl cried and hyperventilated, and he held her close to try and comfort her outside of her father’s house. They flew home, having enjoyed most of their trip together, and were picked up by her brother in law when they got home. He dropper her boyfriend off and continued back to her house. Her attempt at having a dad had failed her again.

The time they spent together during December was nice; they always had to be close to keep each other warm. After almost a year, he gave the girl his gloves that she had tried on at lunch. Her family always made a bigger deal out of the holidays than his did, so the boy seemed to feel somewhat out of place. A couple of nights before Christmas, she drove to his house to give the boy and his parents their gifts. She gave his mom and dad a photo of their son that she had developed herself in school and his mom gave the girl an excellent set of penguin pajamas. The girl gave her boyfriend a puzzle she mad made with their picture on it as the image. He gave the girl a watch she really wanted and a new beanie with matching gloves since he was convinced that his old ones were not good enough for her. Ironically, later that night, they would exchange the exact same gifts.

Inside the puzzle tin, she had hidden a silver ring for the boy with the words “I love you” engraved on the band. They went into his bedroom so he could put his gifts away, and he pulled out a penguin shaped box that had previously held cookies. There was a yellow sticky note that read “open me,” so the girl did as she was instructed. Inside, there was a small black box that looked like it would hold jewelry; she thought she knew what it was and smiled. The boy took the box from her hands and looked into her eyes as he started to get down onto his knee. She was easily embarrassed, even in private, and she kept trying to get him to stand up, but he wouldn’t stop. He proposed to her in his bedroom that night, and she said yes. The boy finally stood up and kissed her smile before she went back home wearing her new ring.

It was the end of their first year together, and their lives had completely changed for the best. They had been to the zoo, lake, movies, shows, other states, had done everything the possibly could together. Once school began again after break, they were still together and constantly smiling. January went by and she won a first place award for one of her photos at school. The month rolled by and soon it was time for Valentines day. They brought their food to town square together that night, and ate on a park bench side by side. Before going home that night, as they had come in his car, he asked to girl to grab him some napkins from his glove box. She opened the door, trying to ignore the giant envelope with her name written across it, but he made sure she took it. The card read: “On our first Valentines Day. I used to wonder what I was waiting for, why there was always something that felt not quite right. Since you’ve come into my life, I’ve learned the answer to my question … I was waiting for you.” The boy then gave her another ring, a mystic fire stone. She was in love with it, and he took her home after they ate the chocolate covered strawberries she brought.   


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