Beautiful Sickness

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She sat motionless in the darkness, and Sasha could not help but feel utter satisfaction. I mean, after all, she told herself killing the bastard was a little harder than she had anticipated. She smiled as she recalled the look of shock on his face as he took his last breath. It almost sent her into an orgasmic state. Sasha loved feeling this alive; the high was all she craved. She giggled then let out a sensual sigh as she mounted Donavan. He quickly stiffened as she helped herself to him. Sasha laid next to him for what seemed like hours. She spoke to him of her ambitions in life and the fears she knew would soon haunt her. As she got dressed Sasha smiled and reminded herself she was a beautiful and unselfish woman. She caught a glimpse of Donavan’s corpse in the mirror and blew him a loving kiss, grabbed her keys, and walked out into the new life awaiting her.

The quiet knock on the door reminded her the meeting was about to begin. Sasha rushed in only to discover everyone was already seated. Gently taking her seat, she closed her eyes to concentrate on what was being said and to take in all the whispering in her head. Suddenly, Sasha felt a slight tap on her shoulder and quickly opened her eyes to a man standing beside her. Sasha stood up and walked out to the corridor and couldn’t help but wonder how dark this man was. It was as if he had a red-tinted glow to him. She smiled, reached out her hand and said, “Hello, I am Sister Sasha Cage. You must be Father Xavier.”


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