Beautiful Struggle

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Finally it’s time to break the cocoon 
Not a second too late nor a moment too soon 
I hid inside, caged and waiting to be free 
Because the world was not ready for butterfly me 
The struggle strengthened my wings to fly 
Beautiful and soft like lashes on the eye
I had to remain in my cocoon disguise 
Too many sought to crush me before I could fly
I claimed no beauty of which one would speak 
Not at all special, some may even say meek 
But my appetite for growth and freedom persevered 
Gaining a potency to be revered
And then the time had finally arrived
The moment the world could not previse 
Tenacity and fortitude will get their due 
It became time for my debut 
My striving transformed me into a dual force 
Strength and beauty were my natural course 


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