Bed Time Story- White Mountains

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Think like a child, to a child world may be like a playground full of joy, adventure and where friendships with other kids were established. To all the parents out there, have you ever thought of such a good way to maintain a closer bond with your kids? I guess this is not just playing with them or accompanying them to a Dairy cream to buy their favourite ice cream. I have always thought of this being an aspiring Mom to be, on how to establish a stronger bond with my future kids in a way that I can develop them to be a great kid we’ve always been hoping them to be- and this is by telling them a bed time stories. A story that wont only make kids excited, nor help them fall asleep fast, but something that will shape them as an individual and will always leave a great lesson in their lives as they grow up.
I was a child back then, and in the absence of my Mom my Father like any other parents on Earth used to tell me stories before I go to sleep. This includes Snow White, The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella, but there was a story he made that was inspired from the actions I was manifesting at home especially during meal time. Just like a normal kid I used to play while having my meals, I have to put plenty of rice, fish and veggies on my plate, and then I will scatter it on the table and eventually dropped it on the floor. It was a big mess but I don’t really care. I would left my food and ran to the living room and play. I wasn’t aware I was just playing and wasting at all. This is what my Dad usually tells me and it is like a tape recorder keeps playing again and again. “Do you know how many Filipino children are starving on the street? Most of them could not even have their meals three times a day, and some of them scavenged their food out of leftovers dumped into the garbage site- and there you are wasting all the foods that abundantly given from above.” I know how sincere my Father telling me those things, because I know he was only telling the truth, and that’s the reality.
The next night, I asked my father to tell me stories about Fairies and Witches in our town because that has been my favourite tales, however he rather told me a kind of story that I will never forget until now. This story, somehow changed me and helped me realized even at a very young age how to value and give importance to a very simple things.
Out of that tales I came up with a great idea of writing a new story, this story is entitled “White Mountains”, I chose this title as it symbolizes the basic food in the Philippines the so called rice on a plate, a story inspired by my beloved father and a story I am proud to share to all the children of today.

Once upon a time there was a little boy named Paul, living in a small Village. Paul was a very good and polite young boy he loves his father so much, despite of these good traits he has one trait that his father spoiled him around. “ Daddy can we play basketball?” “Son, not now, Daddy is getting ready for work, just finished your food, and make sure you’re gonna drink your milk okay? Gotta go now, Bye son. ”
That is always the scenario at their home, Paul will always be playing in the dining table, he would take his bread and shoot it into a glass of milk, then scattered it on the floor. Every time he eats he will take everything on his plate as if he was starving and never had his meals for a week, he took a bite and then throw it away, from table to the floor, from the floor to the trash bin. He seemed to be enjoying what he was doing. It was always a big waste, but no one tells him it was bad, because even his father was doing the same thing. He would always forget to finish his food when he was in a hurry going to work, and when he was at home he always forget to drink his coffee when he got a telephone calls, and he eventually forgot where he left it and then he would make another cup.
One Saturday morning, Paul was very sick and his father sent him to his Pedia. He became unconscious for a couple of hours due to his severe fever, but in those times Paul had a very strange dream. In his dream he was traveling to a beautiful land with lovely plants around, the flowers are so colorful and so enchanting, there were music playing in an awesome harmony. There he saw a very huge white gate, as he wandered his eyes in a narrow gap he saw all other kids like his age playing, singing and laughing, they looked so happy, hence Paul wanted to join with them. He tried to open the gate with all his might but he failed. “Welcome to a happy place young boy” Paul got startled for the voice he heard from behind an old man wearing a white gown holding a silver cane owned that husky voice. “ I wanna go inside, please open the gate Granny!” Paul exclaimed. “hahahhaha” The old man laughed cynically and looked into his eyes. “Yes, you may go inside but you’ve got to do something, come, and follow me!” Paul heeded, and he was amazed to see the beauty of the environment, and one thing that caught his attention was a row of White Mountains. “Do you see that one?” the old man broke the silence. “That is yours’! You will be able to enter the palace if you’re going to eat all of that.” The boy replied with tears in his eyes, “But why me?, I can’t eat all of that alone, that’s too big!!!!” The old man replied “Yes you can, because that White Mountain composed of all foods you have wasted while you were on Earth.” The boy couldn’t believe what he has heard he tried to gain his composure and asked the old man “How about those other tallest white mountains over there who owns them? ” The old man replied, “Those are for your Father, for so many years he had been wasting his food on earth. He needs to eat all of that for him to enter the Kingdom”. The little boy cried so hard, he was so worried for his father he wanted to go home to correct everything and to warn his father.
“Good morning Dr. Lopez, how’s my son?” The Physician taps his back, “He is doing better now, his fever has subsided and any time soon you can discharge him.
At home his father noticed some changes from his son, during meal time everything is in order, no single food is wasted in his plate. Paul doesn’t play anymore while eating. It was a bit strange but his father doesn’t pay too much attention on it.
One day, the two of them was invited to attend a dinner party of a family friend. The father started to put various dishes on his plate, he enjoyed every taste of it. Paul is deliberately watching his father, he then asked him “ Dad can you eat all of that?” His father was surprised of that question. He answered with a wry. “hahaha, ofcourse! what a silly question my dear son, but anyways, this is a party and there are lots of food in the table it doesn’t matter if I’ll eat all of these, the garbage bag is waiting outside. Nothing to worry alright?”
The conversation was stopped when his uncle Sam took his dad to the bar for a couple of glass of wine, Paul was left at the dining table looking at his father’s plate and his leftovers on it.

“Good thing that you immediately sent the boy here, if not we never know what’s going to happen, I still don’t understand why a four year old boy has to eat plenty of food, his stomach couldn’t accommodate all of it thus he has to break down.” The father replied with tears, “It’s all my fault, I should have not left him alone. I too, could hardly understand why my son had to eat all my leftovers I knew my kid so well he doesn’t eat those heavy kinds of food, Milk and bread is what he only eats.”

The next morning, he saw his son already awake sitting on his bed, he ran and throw his arms around his little boy. “I am so happy you are awake now, I am so sorry, I promise you, this will never happen again, I’ll take care of you son.”
Paul held his father’s hand, “daddy, I’ll take care of you too, I ate your food because I want you to go to heaven, but because of your white mountains the old man won’t let you in, he told me all the mountains were the food we wasted on earth, we’ve got to eat them for us to enter their beautiful kingdom. I wanna help you to get done with your white mountains, I’m so afraid you won’t get them done alone because they are so many and so big.”
The father cried so hard and embraced his little boy so tight. “Oh, no! I’m so sorry son, because of my childish acts your life was in danger, I didn’t know this! And so this was the reason why you changed your eating habit at home? You are so great that you have thought of that. From now on, Daddy will change too, I will never waste my food anymore and I’ll make sure I’ll eat everything I put on my plate. Don’t worry, Daddy we’ll work hard to make those White Mountains turn into clouds where we can use it as a playground to play at when we are in heaven.”
Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm.

Nothing is too hard for you. You show love to thousands but bring the punishment for the fathers’ sins into the laps of their children after them. O great and powerful God, whose name is the LORD Almighty, Great are your purposes and mighty are your deeds. Your eyes are open to all the ways of men; you reward everyone according to his conduct and as his deeds deserve. (Jeremiah 32:17-19)
*** the end***


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