Berlin’s Weirdest Top Spots to Visit

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Berlin was not always the center for culture, music, and art that it is today. The city used to yearn for tourists in the years before the fall of the Berlin Wall, but ever since the wall collapsed, Berlin has changed completely with immediate developments, construction works all over the east side of the city, and the establishment of a new, improved image. Visitors from all over the world started traveling there, and rediscovered Berlin in its full glory.

The city is known to be rather alternative—it is, after all, a mecca for electronic, techno, and dance music. And because the locals were so suppressed in the years before the wall fell, it seems only natural that they would now be such incredibly open-minded people.  

The list below details some of the strangest places to visit around the city. Don’t miss out on them.

1. Tempelhof Park
Location: right next to the old Tempelhof Airport

The moment you enter this surreal park, you will be amazed to realize this used to be an old airport terminal just two years ago! Located few minutes from the city center and the same size as the famous Hyde Park in London, it gives you the unusual option of taking your bike or roller skates and enjoying a ride in this former “no-enter” area. Not only is this spot is perfect for meeting new people and having a nice afternoon, it is also extremely unique to be able to see an old airplane’s ruins from the time the airport was still active.

2. Kunsthaus Tacheles
Location: Oranienburger Str. 53 10117

This odd-looking, bizarre building used to be a luxury department store! Today this unique spot has transformed itself to an exceptional gallery which showcases artwork from talented local artists. It will take some time for new visitors to get used to the funny smell and the dirty atmosphere. However, after the first shock fades away, you will be amazed to observe the incredible art pieces, the laid-back attitude that lies in the surrounding bars and cafés, and the outgoing people you will meet there.

3. Propeller Island City Lodge
Location: Albrecht-Achilles-Straße 58 10709

This hotel is a regular guest in almost every “strangest-hotels-in-the-world” top list. Some will say it was the most creepy experience they have ever had, while others are not able to stop talking about how great it was. The core idea of this hotel is to allow the visitors to sleep inside a living art object for a day, a weekend, or longer. All the thirty rooms were designed by Lars Stroschen, a well-known German artist. Each room has its own wacky theme, personal touch and character. The castle room, flying bed room, mirror room, and upside-down room are just part of this pleasant freak show.

4. Nocti Vagus – Dark Restaurant
Location: Saarbrücker Str. 36–38

This experience will for sure be something you will never forget! Take pleasure in an evening where you will be using your all senses—except your eye sight …

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