Best of Spring

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I love those breezy spring days when the warm sun laps my face like a friendly dog from my childhood and the kids are sprinting across the yard, trying to catch the errant butterfly.

I love the way the first plants meekly peek up through the soil, testing the day, then rush out in a wonderfully manic attempt to make the world beautiful again.

The quiet moments alone under the shade of a huge huckleberry tree, reading a good book.

A glass of sweet tea so cold it makes your teeth hurt.

The smell of fertile soil and grass clippings on a misty morning.

I like the smell of cold, clear, chlorinated pool water on a hot day.

I love having an excuse to spend money, just so my feet look as pretty as the new shoes I ALSO blew money on.

I like watching my husband fish while my skin turns a deep golden brown.

Spring showers that make such beautiful rainbows, especially double rainbows.

And probably one really nice thing about spring is going barefoot on the cool grass by a clean stream.


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