Beyonce and Daddy Yankee Rated Among Best Social Media Spellers

If Twitter was a spelling bee, half of the entertainment industry would have lost by now.

Bothered by the improper use of 'they're' and 'their' in your Twitter feed? Does a misplaced apostrophe make you grimace? We hear you. If you follow any celebrity Titter accounts, chances are you've seen plenty of these gaffs and more.

Grammarly, an automated proofreading system that enhances the quality of writing by checking grammar and spelling, recently compiled a list of the 150 most followed celebrities on Twitter and scanned their 25 most recent tweets for errors. What they found out is that men make slightly more grammatical errors than women, and musicians are the worst offenders!

According to the study, musicians of Latin genres commit the least amount of grammatical errors, scoring an average of 6.3 errors per every 100 words. The most grammatically incorrect stars are hip-hop artists (14.3 mistakes per 100 words), country artists (12.1 mistakes per 100 words), and mainstream pop musicians, who have an average of 10 errors.

Rockers are the best spellers, with an average of .8 errors per 100 words, and rappers are the worst spellers at 4.1 errors per 100 words.

Some of Twitter's famous grammar-friendly musicians are:

Beyonce, with 2.1 mistakes per 100 words

Daddy Yankee, with 3.6 mistakes per 100 words

Jessica Simpson, with 5.2 mistakes per 100 words

Some of the worst Twitter grammar offenders are these singing stars:

Snoop Dogg, with 35.8 mistakes per 100 words

Nicki Minaj, with 33.7 mistakes per 100 words

Justin Bieber, with 29.5 mistakes per 100 words


What do you think of this Internet spelling bee? Should celebs start using a spell check, or are they just too busy to worry about it?


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