Beyond the Babymoon

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There are countless things people don’t tell you before you get pregnant and have a baby. I think this realization is something most new moms experience about five minutes after the epidural wears off. Some say, and I agree, this shockingly secretive practice ensures the survival of the species.

You’re probably thinking that you have heard this before and that I am now going to share a bunch of these little secrets in some type of bulleted list. Mais non!

I like the species and am counting on its continued survival. So instead of listing the top ten things you didn’t know before you got pregnant, I’m going to share just one very key (and perhaps a tiny bit self-serving) piece of advice—make time for a babymoon.

Speaking from the other side of the babymoon, my husband and I still wistfully long to repeat our babymoon to the Four Seasons in Exuma. When else in the past two years have I:

  • devoted a whole day to the New York Times crossword puzzle while people brought me fruit skewers?
  • worn a bikini despite the fact that my stomach easily eclipsed my swollen feet?
  • ordered myself two lunches and an ice cream sandwich to be served poolside?
  • been able to hang out at the quiet pool blissfully free from swimmies, pool toys, and lifejackets?
  • laid on the beach without once uttering, “stop eating the sand!”?

I can guarantee that there will be days in those first few postpartum weeks that you will wish you had done more with your pre-baby freedom. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather have a lifetime with my son than a trip to Exuma. However, I’m really glad I got both.



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