Blank Canvas ... I’m Stuck

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“I’m stuck, a blank canvas glowing, staring back. I want to paint, but many ideas, which one? This is the longest time for not painting. It hurts. In the past, I’ve had the occasional period of the big bad blank canvas, but this is strange to have it last so long. Last Sunday at the gallery I spoke to several artists, and they all said, let it pass, no worries, change medium, go for a walk, look at other artists work, etc … all kind and helpful. But here I’m … staring at the computer. Mmmm …”

At times, staring at a canvas can be paralyzing. As a painter, it says that in all my years of painting that I can’t come up with one idea? Can’t you do anything? Some artists are afraid of the accursed blank canvas, but in reality any passionate artist who is daring WILL paint.

An unfinished canvas is a work in progress much like myself. Up to each of us, to add daily to our lives the color of beauty of life itself. My canvas is being painted.


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