Bless These Children!

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In they came, the four of them, each more beautiful than the other. No, I take that back, all equally beautiful, but each in her own way. ~It was midway through an evening at Fritzel's, when people who had been 'elsewhere' start arriving, and these could easily be a rowdy bunch. I've seen and avoided many a one in the past. But these four were different. they entered my row of four seats, right up front, with me in one chair and they four, some how managed to fit into the remaining three! They laughed, applauded the band, butnever offended a single patron. I use these four young ladies: Celine, Loren, Ebonie and Shelley as examples of the good clean fun one can find with young people out on Bourbon Street, or when straying out of The French Quarter, across Esplanade, and out onto Frenchmen Street!!
I stepped into The Spotted Cat Music Club, and was once again struck by the generosity and courtesy of the young people in a crowded place,~offering me a spot on a packed line, closer to the action on stage, or quickly alerting me to a seat coming open! ~I had come to see (and HEAR) my 'new people, Tuba Skinny', whom I fondly think of as 'that Gutsy Group plus Erika'; and their local audience made me 'Welcome'.
So after taking that 'first step' out of The Quarter, onto Frenchmen St., how much further could I be coaxed to catch, still yet another evening with: Shaye, Barnabus, Todd, Kiowa. Robin and Erika? ~What say you to: the corner of Franklin and Royal? ~~for a Monday night at "Mi-Mi's!!
Crowded, no air (not just air conditioning, there were moments when I wondered where my next breath was coming from!), ~and a long flight of stairs..But it was wonderful. Not just my gutsy group of guys and gals, but also the audience of youngsters. ~~A truly sweet young girl introduced herself to me. Jessica was her name, wanted to know mine, and for us to shake hands.. "Had I ever heard of Gene Kelly?", was her question.. After a quick gear-shift in my head, I replied that, if she meant 'the singer, dancer, In The Rain- Gene Kelly', ~then, "Yes, I have".. With that she made us 'friends for life'…Right down to introducing me to all her friends afterwards, ~~As I waited for my cab out on the street. ~~Whom I must say, I think I impressed, ~whenthe door flew open, and the trombone player, Barnabus, came out to give me a good-bye hug! But when the trumpeter, Shaye, soon followed, ..I knew I was an instant celebrity to Jessica and her friends!


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