Book: Prologue

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Rhenyxia looked out the window, over the lake, over the trees, to the small moonlit town of Brontide. You could see that she was upset about something. Her seemingly endless black hair was swept over her left shoulder in a loose braid, exposing a long ice-white neck, tense with stress. She was wearing a flowing purple dress that swept the floor, and embroided with silver patterns around the edges. It tied tightly down her spine, showing off her perfectly sculpted back and waist. Carmody took a step forward.
As Rhenyxia turned, you could see her large grey eyes usually filled with light, turn to tight angry snake-like slits.
‘How could you do this to Father? He raised you, and now you have put us all in danger! It is obvious why he is sending you away. You carry a cursed baby!’ She yelled at her younger sister.
Carmody frowned slightly. ‘But Nyxia, I did not mean to harm anyone.’
Rhenyxia sighed, ‘Are you sure of that? Because the only one you are hurting is yourself, Dee.’ She could feel tears starting to gather in her eyes.
The pregnant girl crossed the room and sat on the chair next to the desk. She looked up, ‘He was so handsome…’ She dreamily uttered, while staring blankly at her sister.
Rhenyxia had no choice but to let the tears fall, past her pixie nose, and past her small, full mouth, only pausing at her chin for a second or two, then to drip down to the rug. Carmody didn’t understand! She wasn’t allowed to mate with a Faerie. Let alone fall pregnant to one! And the fact that it was an Unseelie Faerie made it even worse. ‘I do not think you know what I am telling you. That fetus will kill you before you can even experience childbirth. It will use up all of your energy, and by the time it takes the first breath, you will be nothing but a sunken carcass rotting away with what is left of you!’
Carmody didn’t answer automatically. She was a pretty, young woman at 18, though the effects of the fetus were already effecting her. She has a small, slender, yet well developed body. Her auburn hair hung to her breastbone in loose curls, and she had moss green eyes, with butterfly legs as eyelashes, other that that, Rhenyxia and Carmody Looked exactly the same, and it was obvious they were sisters. They took after their mother.
Finally Carmody said something. ‘I am going to name her Lemuria’
Rhenyxia snapped her head away from her sister. ‘How do you know it will be a girl?’
‘I can feel it, in here.’ She pointed to where her heart was.
Rhenyxia stormed from the room, leaving her immature sister alone in the darkness. By morning, Carmody was gone. Disowned by their father, and far away from their home.

—- Thats is so far, Should I continue?


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